Where can I get more information on Vioxx?

You can obtain more information from Merck at: www.merck.com and www.vioxx.com, or (888) 36VIOXX ((888) 368-4699)

To find out more about Vioxx from the FDA Visit the FDA’s Drug Information web page at: https://www.fda.gov/drugs

Call Drug Information at (888) INFO-FDA (888) 463-6332)

SOURCES: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – www.fda.gov. WebMD Drug Reference from Multum Information Services: “Rofecoxib (oral).” Merck’s Vioxx Web site – vioxx.com. Medinfo – medinfo.co.uk. ars technica “Vioxx and the coxib controversy” – arstechnica.com. If you’ve taken Vioxx and suffered a heart attack, stroke or you’ve been diagnosed with another condition that could be linked with your use of Vioxx you need to contact an experienced and qualified Vioxx lawyer NOW! No matter what state you live in, click a panel to contact a Vioxx attorney. Any of these attorneys will be able to help you determine the best course of action in regards to your situation and/or claim. Remember, pharmaceutical and defective drug lawsuit claims, including Vioxx class action claims are governed by federal laws, so state boundaries won’t stop you from getting the best possible lawyer to help you with your potential claim.

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