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Elderly Patients Injured After Taking Pradaxa

Elderly patients who have been prescribed the anticoagulant drug, Pradaxa, should be aware of the serious adverse risk involved. Overall, several patients have reported that they have experienced heart attacks, strokes, severe bleeding and hemorrhaging after taking the drug. However the elderly population appears to have a higher risk of some of the most severe side effects after taking Pradaxa, including severe bleeding and hemorrhaging. Gastrointestinal hemorrhages and hemographic strokes have been some of the most common side effects reported among the elderly population, especially patients who are age 84 years of age and older.

For this population age group, who are usually suffering from a mild or declining kidney impairment also, studies suggests that their dibigatran (Pradaxa) blood levels are 50 % higher level than those patients who have normal kidney functioning. Due to the increase in the number or recent hospitalizations, fatalities, disabilities, or other serious outcomes, victims or their families have hired a Pradaxa lawsuit attorney to represent them in a civil lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim.

Pradaxa Linked to Fatal Bleeding

In November 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim announced that Pradaxa had been linked to approximately 260 cases of fatal bleeding. Although taking any prescription drug or medication will pose some risks of serious harm or injury, these number of incidents of death are far too high since the manufacturer has claimed that these number of fatalities are more than those which emerged during the drug’s clinical trials. Pradaxa attorneys are very concerned about the continued use of this drug and the dangers to the health and lives of several patients. But, patients should not stop using the drug unless directed by their doctor.

If your elderly loved one has experienced complications such as bleeding or hemorrhaging, or if your loved one died after taking this drug, you should consult with a Pradaxa litigation attorney. An attorney can advise you of the legal options available and whether or not you have a possible lawsuit to recover monetary compensation for your harm.  Hundreds of lawsuits against the manufacturer have already been filed. While there is a pending court action to have all of these lawsuits combined into a multilitigation lawsuit, whether or not this will be your best option can be discussed with a lawyer. Multi-litigation lawsuits have become quite common in a civil action when there are a large number of plaintiffs who have similar complaints, but live in different parts of the country, or jurisdictions. Essentially, they agree to combine their cases into one civil action, but keep their rights to collect their own individual damages. Contact one of the Pradaxa attorneys listed on our website today, to learn more about your legal rights.