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Has the FDA conducted studies to determine the safety of taking Avandia?

Yes.  In fact, the FDA had enough concern over whether the increased risk of heart failure linked to Avandia is even worth it being on the market at all.  The FDA initiated a long-term investigatio of the drug to further evaluate the safety risks and put together a special advisory council to recommend whether or not the drug should be pulled from the market.  The advisory committee must review three years worth of studies on the drug's safety before making its decision.  Over the course of those three years, the FDA has recommended patients who aren't at increased risk for heart problems continue taking the medication under strict oversight from their doctors, but those patients who are more at risk for heart problems should not continue taking the medication.

The New York Times previously reported that a study from the Institute for Safe Medication Practice showed Avandia was linked to 304 deaths in the third quarter of 2009 alone, the highest for any prescribed drug in that time period.

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