What Document and Supporting Information are Required to be Submitted with a Divorce Petition in Washington?

In Washington State, a petition for divorce must contain: (a) The last known state of residence of each party, and if a party’s last known state of residence is Washington, the last known county of residence;  (b) The date and place of the marriage;  (c) If the parties are separated the date on which the separation occurred;  (d) The names and ages of any child dependent upon either or both spouses and a statement as to whether the wife is pregnant;  (e) Any arrangements as to the residential schedule of, decision making for, dispute resolution for, and support of the children and the maintenance of a spouse;  (f) A statement specifying whether there is community or separate property owned by the parties to be disposed of;  (g) If the county has established a program under RCW 26.12.260, a statement affirming that the moving party met and conferred with the program prior to filing the petition; and  (h) The relief sought.  Additionally, the petitioner must file a certificate as required by the Department of Public Health.  (Chapter 26.09 RCW Section 020) 

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