When is Spousal Support or Alimony Awarded in Maine?

In Maine, a Court may grant one of five types of spousal support if it determines that spousal support should be imposed. The five types of spousal support include: (1) General Support: provided to one spouse if that spouse has substantially less income potential than the other spouse ad support is necessary for both spouses to maintain a reasonable standard of living; (2) Transitional Support: provided if there were short term financial needs created by the divorce or if one spouse requires training or education to reenter the work force; (3) Reimbursement Support: provided to achieve an overall equitable dissolution of the parties financial relationship in response to exceptional circumstances such as one spouse’s financial support of the other’s education or career or if one spouse is guilty of economic misconduct; (4) Nominal Support: may be awarded to safeguard the court’s right to grant spousal support in the future; or (5) Interim Support: may be provided during the pendency of the divorce petition. (Maine Statutes Title 19-A, Section 951)

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