Divorce Law

What Documents and Supporting Information are Required to be Submitted with a Divorce Petition in Oregon?

A petition for divorce should be captioned, ““IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF (names of parties): PETITION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE” and must include: a statement as to whether other divorce actions are pending in other states; a statement as to whether support proceedings are pending in another state; whether a support order already exists in Oregon or another state and a certificate regarding such orders; a statement that the petitioner acknowledges being under a restraining order as defined in Oregon law; a written statement setting forth the full names and any former names of the parties, the residence, mailing or contact addresses of the parties, the ages of both parties, the date and place of the marriage of the parties, and the names and ages of the children born to or adopted by the parties; and the social security numbers of the parties and any minor children. (Oregon Statutes Chapter 107, Section 107.085)