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Divorce Law

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What are the Laws in Washington D.C. About How Marital Property will be Distributed After Divorce?

In the absence of an enforceable premarital or antenuptial agreement, the Court will distribute the property in a way that is equitable, just and reasonable after considering factors such as: the duration of the marriage; the age, health, occupation, amount, and sources of income, vocational skills, employability, assets, debts, and needs of each of the parties; custody of minor children; whether the distribution is in lieu of or in addition to alimony; each party's obligation from a prior marriage, a prior domestic partnership, or for other children; the opportunity of each party for future acquisition of assets and income; each party's contribution as a homemaker or otherwise to the family unit; each party's contribution to the education of the other party which enhanced the other party's earning ability; each party's increase or decrease in income as a result of the marriage, the domestic partnership, or duties of homemaking and child care; each party's contribution to the acquisition, preservation, appreciation, dissipation, or depreciation in value of the assets which are subject to distribution, the taxability of these assets, and whether the asset was acquired or the debt incurred after separation; the effects of taxation on the value of the assets subject to distribution; and the circumstances which contributed to the estrangement of the parties. (Washington D.C. Statutes Title 16, Chapter 9, Section 910)