What Documents and Supporting Information Must Be Submitted With a Divorce Petition in Arizona?

To file for divorce in Arizona, the spouse requesting the divorce must file with the court a petition for the dissolution of marriage, according to Arizona Revised Statutes 25-314. The petition must set forth basic information, such as the birth date, occupation, and address of the parties; the length of their domicile in the state; the date and location of the marriage ceremony and whether the marriage is a covenant marriage; the names, dates of birth, and addresses of all living children; whether the wife is pregnant; and other details.

Other forms which are required to be filed include a sensitive data sheet, a creditor notice, a joint preliminary injunction, notice of right to convert health insurance, and a summons, which is served on your spouse to notify them of the filing of the divorce petition.

The summons informs the respondent spouse that a response, if any, must be filed within 20 days if he or she wants to have any input regarding the divorce proceedings.

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