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Child Support Law

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My Child Will Turn 18 Soon But He Is Still In High School. What Will Happen To The Child Support?

You will need to refer to your order for support. Virginia DCSE will enforce the existing order for current support until the order stipulates the child emancipates. While Virginia child support laws were changed in 1996 to stipulate that children are entitled to support until the age of 19 or graduation from high school, this law does not take precedence over prior orders (the new law was not retroactive). Also, other states may have different laws. Your order may need to be modified in order to collect current support past the child`s age of 18. If you think the order needs to be modified to continue support beyond your child`s 18th birthday because he/she will still be a full­time high school student, you will need to contact the district office that manages your case at least six months prior to your child`s 18th birthday.