Child Support Law

How Does Dcse Determine How Much Support Someone Should Pay?

DCSE utilizes the child support guideline scale that is part of the Code of Virginia. The guideline was developed with input from custodial and non­custodial parents, judges, attorneys, child support professionals, and legislators and is reviewed every three years. The child support guideline scale takes into consideration the gross income of both parents, the number of other children being supported, the cost of medical/dental insurance and extraordinary medical/dental expenses for dependents, and childcare expenses. Other factors may be considered and are referred to as deviations. DCSE uses the guideline to establish administrative orders for support, and the courts use the guideline to establish court orders for support­­­both kinds of orders are legal obligations. Generally, only a court can deviate from the guideline. The guideline can be reviewed on the Legislative Information System website. The child support guideline is in Section 20.108.28 of the Code of Virginia.