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Child Support Law

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What If My Ex-Spouse Is Receiving Public Assistance? Why Do I Have To Pay Support Too?

When children are receiving state assistance, ORS/CSS automatically provides child support services to the family because the amount of grant money the custodial parent receives each month accrues as a debt to the state that you (the non­custodial parent) must repay. In other words, when your children are receiving monthly support in the form of public assistance, the child support you owe for that month must go to the state to offset the debt. You will be required to repay this money until the debt is satisfied, even if the custodial parent goes off public assistance, and even if you and the custodial parent reconcile. If the child support owed during the times of public assistance exceeds the total grant amount paid to the family, the excess amount will be sent to the custodial parent.