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Child Support Law

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How Can I Get My Child Support Raised?

In Utah, child support obligations are computed using an income shares formula established by the Utah State legislature. This means that both parent`s incomes are used to compute the monthly child support amount. The number of children and other factors are also used to determine how much obligated parents are required to pay. Child support guidelines worksheets and tables are used to calculate support obligations. If you believe the amount of current child support should be raised, it may be possible to pursue a review and adjustment of the support amount through ORS/CSS if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, or it has been more than three years since the order was issued, modified, or reviewed. The review will determine whether the child support amount should be adjusted. An adjustment is the change to the ordered amount, which will result in a modification of your order. If an adjustment is appropriate, the new amount could be higher or lower than the amount in your present order. Before you request that ORS/CSS conduct a review and adjustment, you may want to estimate what the new support amount could be. ORS/CSS has prepared a pre­review packet with worksheet forms and instructions which you or the other parent may use to do the estimate. If you want to request a review and adjustment of your support amount, please make your request in writing to ORS/CSS. If you request a review and adjustment and later ask to stop the process, it can only be stopped if the other parent does not request that it continue. If the process is stopped, neither parent can request a review for a period of one year.

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