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Child Support Law

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What Must Be Done Before I Can Get A Child Support Order?

To obtain any type of order, the Child Support office must notify the noncustodial parent that it is trying to establish an order. The Child Support office cannot take action in some cases if the noncustodial parent cannot be located. If the Child Support office does not know the whereabouts of the noncustodial parent, there are many places from which to gather information. OCSE investigators try to locate a noncustodial parent through the State Parent Locator Service that is linked with several state agencies such as Job Service, driver license and motor vehicle registration. If the person has never lived in South Dakota or has left the state, OCSE will request other states to search their files. OCSE can also search on a national level through the Federal Parent Locator Service when the family has no knowledge of the other parent`s whereabouts. The information provided to OCSE by the custodial parent can greatly increase the chances of locating the noncustodial parent. Information about work history, friends, relatives, arrest records, former addresses or other pertinent information will speed the location process and increase the chance of collecting support. In addition, child support offices use two other tools to locate parents: the Federal Case Registry and the National Directory of New Hire Reporting. The Federal Case Registry contains limited information about each child support case in the United States. It matches quarterly wage information and unemployment compensation records submitted by each state with the National Directory of New Hires. Federal law requires all employers to report information about newly hired employees. They report the information to their state. The state then reports the information to the National Directory of New Hires.

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