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Child Support Law

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What Services Will The Division Of Child Suppot Not Provide?

Legal Advice

 Neither the Division of Child Support (DCS) nor the District Attorney is your attorney. They cannot give you legal advice. They represent the State of Oregon. Any person involved in a case handled by DCS or the District Attorney may hire an attorney at their own expense. In contempt and criminal nonsupport cases, the court will appoint an attorney to represent the person charged if that person cannot afford an attorney. Please tell the enforcing agency if you have an attorney who represents you in any child support matter. DCS or the District Attorney must deal with your attorney unless your attorney says they can talk with you. Spousal Support is not enforced unless it was part of the original child support order. If spousal support is not part of the child support order but does include income withholding provisions, we can initiate income withholding and provide accounting services; however, we cannot take other enforcement action to collect spousal support.

Visitation & Legal Custody

Neither DCS nor the District Attorney can advise you about visitation or custody matters. These matters must be discussed with a private attorney or handled in court.