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Child Support Law

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What Agency In Oregon Enforces Child Support Orders?

The Central Operations Region Accounting Teams of DCS provide the billing and accounting services. These Teams have a 24­hour toll­free number (below) to help answer questions about payments for established child support cases in Oregon.
24 Hour Telephone Information Line
From the Salem area:(503) 373­7300
Toll­free in Oregon:(800) 850­0228 touch tone phones
(800) 850­0294 rotary phones
From outside Oregon:(503) 378­5567 TTY:(503) 954­5928

If you receive public assistance in Oregon or received it in the past, the Department of Justice, Division of Child Support (DCS) will provide support enforcement services. Public assistance means Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Medicaid (including Oregon Health Plan Services). DCS also provides services if your child is in the care of the State Offices of Services for Children and Families or the Oregon Youth Authority.

If you have not received public assistance, you can receive child support enforcement services from the District Attorney in the county where you live. In a few counties, DCS provides services for the District Attorney. Also, a request for a review and modification of your order may be assigned to the county where the original order was taken, or to the county where the other parent lives. You should check with your local District Attorney for more information.

If the Division of Child Support handles your case, contact them if you have questions regarding modification of your order.