North Dakota Department Of Human Services. What Is Child Support Enforcement?

North Dakota`s Child Support Enforcement program is a joint effort of federal, state, and county governments to secure support payments for children whose parents are not both in the home. Its goals are (1) to ensure that children are supported by their parents; (2) to foster family responsibility; and (3) to reduce the cost of welfare. The program has the responsibility of implementing Title IV­D of the Social Security Act in the state. This involves locating absent parents, establishing paternities, establishing child support and medical support orders, and enforcing and periodically reviewing those orders. These services are provided to households who receive TANF and Medicaid benefits and are also available to anyone who makes application for services. In addition, a referral is made to the program on foster care cases to permit the recovery of foster care expenses from the responsible parents. In North Dakota, the Child Support Enforcement program is state­supervised and county­administered. The state supervision occurs through the Child Support Enforcement Agency, a division of the Department of Human Services. Most casework is provided at local, county offices. There are eight of these Regional Child Support Enforcement Units located throughout North Dakota: Bismarck, Dickinson, Williston, Minot, Devils Lake, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Jamestown.

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