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Child Support Law

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Receiving Credit For In-Kind Child Support Payments

Federal regulations require the FSD or local child support agency to open cases and establish child support orders at the request of either parent. Support payments must be paid to the payee specified in the court order (usually the FSD or local child support agency) for the non­custodial parent to receive credit for payment.

In CalWORKS cases, no credit will be given for payments made directly to the custodial party unless proof of payment can be shown. In non­CalWORKS cases, credit may be given for in­kind payments such as purchase of clothing, school supplies, rent, etc., with the custodial party`s agreement. Always keep records and receipts of support you have provided to the custodial parent.

Paying through the FSD or local child support agency is a good way to make sure an accurate record of child support payments is kept. Child support payments should always clearly identify the case number and for whom the payment is made.

The custodial party must report any payment received directly from the non­custodial parent to the agency the court order says should receive it and, if the custodial party receives CalWORKS, to the county Welfare Department.