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Lemon Law

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Where Can I Get Lemon Law Arbitration Videos And Tapes?

If you would like to view the 20 minute video which discusses the elements of the Lemon Law and which shows a sample arbitration hearing, call the number below for viewing locations and library access:

1­(800) 541­8898
Request Tape 183

Telephone Accessible Information
The Attorney General`s Office offers a number of informational tapes on the Lemon Law. Callers with touchtone phones can hear the tapes 24 hours a day. Statewide
Toll­free 1­(800) 541­8898

Local King County

Tape 170 A General Overview Of The Lemon Law
Tape 171 Vehicles Covered By The Law
Tape 172 What is a Lemon?
Tape 173 Records You Need For A Lemon Law Claim
Tape 174 What Should You Do If You Have A Lemon?
Tape 175 Filling Out The Request For Arbitration Form
Tape 176 How Arbitration Requests Are Processed
Tape 177 After You`ve Been Accepted For Arbitration
Tape 178 The Arbitration Hearing
Tape 179 Do You Want A Replacement Vehicle Or A Refund?
Tape 180 The Arbitration Decision
Tape 181 Special Information On Leased Vehicles
Tape 182 Motor Homes
Tape 183 Video Information Lemon Law: A Guide to Arbitration

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