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When Does The Arbitration Decision Take Place?

The Board must issue the arbitration decision within 60 days from the date the Board received your Request For Arbitration. You will receive a copy of the decision and a form asking whether you accept or reject the decision. You have 60 days from the date you receive the decision to accept or reject it.

If the arbitration decision is in your favor and you accept it, then the manufacturer must:

  • comply within 40 days of receiving notice of your acceptance; or
  • appeal to superior court within 30 days of receiving your acceptance.

    If you disagree with the decision, you can pursue your claims against the manufacturer by filing an appeal in superior court (at your own expense) where you would be allowed a new hearing of the dispute at a trial. If you decide to appeal, the appeal must be filed in superior court within 120 days of rejecting the arbitration decision.