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What Is An Arbitration Hearing?

Arbitration hearings are much less complicated than court trialsthere are no formal rules of evidence or court procedures, and the hearings are designed to be as easy as possible for participants. You will be given the opportunity to explain your claim and present documents, witnesses or other evidence to help prove your claim. The manufacturer will have the same opportunity to present their side of the dispute.

Arbitrators are like judges in that they listen to each side and then issue a decision.

The Lemon Law Administration has prepared a video which explains the arbitration process in detail. If you are unable to view the videos on this page, The Lemon Law: A Guide to Arbitration has been distributed to libraries across the state and is also available for viewing in selected state offices. Contact the Lemon Law Administration for locations and viewing appointments.

After acceptance for arbitration, you will receive complete information from the Arbitration Board on arbitration procedures and how to prepare for an arbitration hearing.