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What Information Needs To Be Included On The Request For Arbitration Form?

When completing the form, clearly describe each defect, when each attempt to diagnose or repair occurred, the mileage on your vehicle at the time of each attempt, the dealer who made the repairs, and the number of days your vehicle was out­of­service due to diagnosis or repair. You must send in copies of the repair orders for all diagnosis or repair attempts related to the defect(s) in your claim. If you cannot provide the documents, you must explain the reason why they are missing on the Request For Arbitration form (see What records do I need for arbitration?).

Keep a copy of the Request For Arbitration for your files and mail the original form to the Lemon Law Administration. If you are approaching the 30 month deadline for filing your Request For Arbitration, send the form and documents by certified mail (return receipt requested), deliver it in person or submit it by FAX (the address information is on the form).