Lemon Law

What Happens After I Request An Arbitration Hearing?

The Lemon Law Administration will screen your arbitration request for:

  • a completed form;

  • copies of all the designated documents;
  • filing of the Request For Arbitration within 30 months of the vehicle`s original retail delivery date;
  • a written request to the manufacturer to repurchase or replace the vehicle.

If the Lemon Law Administration rejects your Request For Arbitration, a written explanation will be mailed to you with further directions.

If your Request For Arbitration is complete, it will be forwarded to the Arbitration Board for review and scheduling.

When the Arbitration Board accepts your Request For Arbitration, you will be sent a notice of acceptance followed by an arbitration hearing date. You will receive the formal notice of the scheduled date, time, and location of your hearing at least 10 days before the hearing date. Your arbitration hearing must be held within 45 days of the Board`s acceptance of your Request For Arbitration.