Lemon Law

Will The Manufacturer Refund The Full Purchase Price Of The Vehicle?

Once it is clear that your vehicle has not been fixed, the automaker must, at your option, give you a new vehicle or refund the full purchase price. That price includes all of the following:

  • The price for the car plus the costs for transportation, dealer preparation, delivery, dealer installed accessories, and other services.
  • The costs for financing and credit insurance, as well as any warranty and service charges.
  • Taxes and any other government charges, including state sales tax, license fees and registration fees.

Sometimes an automaker will agree with your claim and work to replace your lemon as quickly as possible. In most cases, the manufacturer will request an additional opportunity to repair the vehicle. They may try to negotiate a mutually satisfactory resolution with you. The manufacturer or dealer should advise you about an arbitration program available to informally resolve disputes. If you apply for arbitration, you should expect to wait several weeks for your hearing to be scheduled. Informal arbitration is, however, much faster and less formal than a court proceeding.