Lemon Law

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When Should I Consider Seeing An Attorney?

If arbitration fails, or if you did not have to use arbitration and did not want to, you should consider seeing a private attorney. Many people are reluctant to do this, but we encourage it. Some manufacturers, unfortunately, do not take consumer complaints too seriously until they hear from an attorney. Your attorney can advise you best what to do with the car and whether to stop making payments.

The lemon law provides that you can recover triple damages and attorney`s fees if the manufacturer is found to have unreasonably refused to resolve your complaint.

You are, of course, welcome to contact the Consumer Protection Section of the Attorney General`s Office. The Attorney General`s Office can provide you or your attorney with useful information, or we can try to mediate your complaint. However, it cannot act as private counsel to particular individuals. The Attorney General is interested in receiving information from individuals regarding how manufacturers handle these matters because the Attorney General can sue to enforce the lemon law when the public interest requires it.