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Lemon Law

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How Do I Qualify For Arbitration Under The Lemon Law?

In order to qualify for arbitration, you must ordinarily show either:

  • the manufacturer or its representative has made at least three unsuccessful attempts to fix the motor vehicle; or
  • the motor vehicle has been out of service for 30 or more business days (cumulative) due to defects or nonconformities covered by the warranty. NOTE: In some cases involving extensive or dangerous defects, the MVAB may decide to hear a case with fewer repair attempts or days out of service.

New Hampshire`s Lemon Law (RSA 357­D) requires that manufacturers of new motor vehicles provide purchasers with a notice of their rights to arbitration under New Hampshire law, including a demand for arbitration form. Furthermore, New Hampshire dealerships are required to post a notice of consumer rights under this statute in all new car showrooms.

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