Lemon Law

Under What Conditions Would I Qualify For A Refund?

If after repairs are made to your vehicle you still believe the vehicle does not conform to the warranty, but the manufacturer or dealer has indicated that it doesn`t believe you are due a refund, then submit a complaint according to the manufacturer`s informal dispute settlement procedure.

Most automobile manufacturers have appeals procedures. These arbitration boards try to resolve problems consumers have with the manufacturer or dealer. The address and phone number of your manufacturer`s consumer appeals or arbitration center are listed in your owner`s manual.

During or at the end of the dispute procedure, the manufacturer may make a settlement offer. You must decide whether to accept the offer or try to get a refund under the Lemon Law by going to court.

If you decide to go to court, the Lemon Law provides for a private cause of action. The Attorney General`s Office is not allowed to act as your private attorney to pursue your desired relief or to enforce your individual rights under the Lemon Law.

Before you can go to court under the Lemon Law, you first must have submitted your claim to the manufacturer`s appeals procedure if it has one.