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How Much Of A Refund Am I Entitled To?

If you choose to get a refund, you will receive the contract price of the vehicle including all credits and allowances for any trade­in vehicle. If you leased your vehicle, you will receive your downpayment, any trade­in allowance, and the total of lease payments made to date.

In either case your refund will be reduced by a reasonable allowance for use. For 2000, the use allowance is $.108 per mile or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is less.

Note: You may keep your vehicle until you have been given a refund or an acceptable replacement vehicle. However, miles driven during this time will be included when calculating the reasonable allowance for use.

Cost Reimbursement. If the manufacturer issues a refund, you will be reimbursed for the following costs:

(1) The total purchase price (total price before you subtracted any rebates or deposits or your trade­in allowance) or, if a leased vehicle, the lease payments made to date; included in the full purchase price are the costs of all dealer added options or services (e.g., radio, air conditioning);

(2) collateral charges, including, sales tax, license and registration fees;

(3) costs incurred by you for towing and storage of the vehicle and for procuring alternative transportation while the vehicle was out of service by reason of repair, or was undriveable;

(4) Reasonable expert witness fees

Refund/Replacement Costs Not Recoverable. The following are not reimbursable as the result of a favorable Lemon Law arbitration decision:

(1) attorney`s fees;
(2) time lost from work;
(3) other consequential damages.