Lemon Law

How Can I Prove My Vehicle Is A Lemon?

If you have a serious problem with your new vehicle, it is very important that you keep complete and accurate records of all contacts with the manufacturer or dealer, and all receipts. You have a right to an itemized bill for any repair work, including warranty repair work, under the Maine Lemon Law (10 M.R.S.A. § 1169(9)). You should request a copy of these records, and examine them to be certain that the problem you complained about is listed.

Under the Maine Lemon Law you can also request copies of all reports dealing with your vehicle, such as reports by the dealer or the manufacturer concerning inspection, diagnosis, or test­drives of that vehicle, and any technical reports, bulletins, or notices issued by the manufacturer regarding your vehicle`s specific make and model.

You can also have your vehicle evaluated by an independent mechanic and have him testify at your arbitration hearing or if he is not available, write out his diagnosis and submit it to the arbitrator.