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Lemon Law

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How Long Is The Coverage?

The Lemon Law rights period is defined by the Lemon Law as the term of the manufacturer`s written warranty, the period ending two years after the date of the original delivery of a motor vehicle to the consumer, or the first 24,000 miles of operation attributed to a consumer, whichever expires first.

If you meet the qualifications above, then you must notify the manufacturer by certified, registered, or overnight mail and give the manufacturer one more chance to fix the problem. You can use this Defect Notification Form, available in PDF format. Your notice must go directly to the manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure of the correct address.

Keep a copy of the completed form and any other materials mailed to the manufacturer. In order to support your allegations, keep copies of all repair orders for each time the vehicle has been in the repair facility for repair or diagnosis. For warranty repairs, repair facilities are required to provide you with a fully itemized, legible statement or repair order indicating any diagnosis made, and all work performed on the motor vehicle, including a general description of the problem reported by the consumer, the date and the odometer reading when the motor vehicle was submitted for examination or repair, and the date when the repair or examination was completed.

You should include copies of these documents with your letter to the manufacturer, and a statement of what you want done to resolve your complaint. Tell the manufacturer you want a reply within ten days of receipt of your letter. The manufacturer should then contact you with the name and address of a repair facility that is accessible to you where a final attempt will be made to repair your vehicle. If the repair facility does not contact you within 10 days, you are not required to give the manufacturer another chance to fix the vehicle.

If the manufacturer fails to respond within 10 days, or the repair facility chosen by the manufacturer is unable to fix the problem during the final repair attempt, you can request that the manufacturer replace the vehicle or refund the purchase price, less a reasonable offset for your use of the vehicle.

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