Lemon Law

What Happens To The Lemons After The Manufacturer Takes Them Back?

Many of them are repaired and then returned to dealers to sell to other customers.

The manufacturer is required to obtain a new title for the vehicle with the stamp or brand Manufacturer Buyback Disclosure on File. This stamp or brand should remain on the title for as long as the vehicle exists. The first time a dealer sells a vehicle that was returned to a manufacturer under the Lemon Law, the dealer must notify the consumer in writing, at the time of the sale, that the vehicle had been a lemon. The consumer must also be provided with a manufacturer`s warranty of at least twelve (12) months or 12,000 miles.

The Lemon Law does not allow the Attorney General to represent individual consumers in seeking a refund or replacement vehicle. However, a manufacturer or dealer who violates the buyback disclosure provisions faces stiff penalties which the Attorney General is authorized to enforce.

Knowing about and understanding the Lemon Law can provide you with the protection you may need.