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Can I Settle My Case Without Going To Arbitration?

Yes, if the manufacturer offers you a settlement of your case, you are free to negotiate with the manufacturer regarding the terms of the settlement, and you are free to accept a settlement. In that situation, you will no longer need to go through the arbitration and risk losing your case. However, it is wise to get the terms in writing before withdrawing from the arbitration process. You must communicate directly with the manufacturer`s representative to obtain concrete figures and information on all the terms of the settlement. If the terms are unclear to you, you should persist in clearing them up to your satisfaction. Make sure you provide any requested paperwork to the manufacturer on a timely basis to expedite the settlement process. As soon as you have confirmed the agreed­upon terms, you should contact the SCAP Administrator. Your $50.00 will not be refunded as it defrays the administrative costs of the program.

Please note that if you have accepted a settlement offer and the manufacturer does not comply with the settlement, you may need to consult with an attorney to find out how to enforce the settlement agreement in court.