Where Can I Get More Information?

Information on California`s Lemon Law and Arbitration
Contact: Department of Consumer Affairs, Arbitration Review Program, 400 R. St. Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 323­3406 or (800) 952­5210

Manufacturer`s or Dealer`s Failure to Honor the Warranty, Extended Warranty, or Service Contract
Contact: Manufacturer or dealer, by certified mail (check the owner`s manual for manufacturer`s address); Local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV); Bureau of Investigations (check the white pages of your telephone book); New Motor Vehicle Board, 1507 21st St., Suite 330, Sacramento, CA 95814; Local county Consumer Affairs office (check the white pages of your telephone book)

Dissatisfaction with Nonwarranty Repairs or Dispute Over Repair Invoice
Contact: The Department of Consumer Affairs at (800) 952­5210.

Fraud or Other Questionable Conduct
Contact: The New Motor Vehicle Board (see earlier reference); The DMV Bureau of Investigations (see earlier reference); the Local District Attorney`s Office; Office of the Attorney General, public Inquiry Unit, 1515 K. St. Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 322­3360 or (800) 952­5225.

Register a Safety Complaint or Obtain Recall Information
Contact: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh St., S. W. Washington D. C. 20590
Auto Safety Hotline (800­424­9393)
Center for Auto Safety, 2001 S. St, N. W. Suite 420, Washington, D. C. 20009 (202) 328­7700

California Lawyer Who Specializes in Lemon Law and Warranty Disputes
Check the white pages of your telephone book for your local county bar association lawyer referral service.

Other Lemon Law Information
Contact: Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS), 1500 W. El Camino Ave. Suite 419, Sacramento, CA 95833­1945 (916) 759­9440

Service Contracts
Contact: State Department of Insurance, 770 L. St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 927­4357

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