Motor Vehicle Accidents Law

How to Prepare for a Meeting With Your Car Accident Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be inconvenient at best and traumatic at worst. From medical bills to car repair bills, dealing with car rentals or going without a vehicle, the aftermath can put a financial strain on you. Not to mention the time away from work for injuries or legal proceedings that can cause a lot of stress.

In some cases, you may require legal representation to initiate a lawsuit against another driver, or to protect yourself from a lawsuit that’s been filed against you. Going in prepared to your first meeting with you car accident attorney is a great way to get the process started on the right foot.

What To Bring to a Meeting With a Car Accident Attorney

There’s no such thing as too much documentation when you go to see your attorney after a car accident. The more detail you can provide and the more proof you have to back up your claims, the stronger the case or defense your attorney may be able to make for you.

Important things to bring to the meeting include:

  • Photos of the scene of the accident, your car, and the other cars involved in the collision
  • The other drivers’ license and insurance information
  • Your insurance information, including details of your policy
  • The claim you filed with your insurance company
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements and contact information
  • Medical bills and reports
  • Car repair bills and reports
  • A written record of the accident’s details

The details that might be important include things like your speed at the time of the accident, the location, the time of day, what the weather was like, where the other vehicle(s) came from, and what kind of signs or traffic lights were in the area. Anything you can remember about the event should be written down.It’s important to be honest with your attorney. Omitting details because you think they make you look guilty won’t prevent the other side from bringing them up, and you’ll want your car accident attorney to be prepared to defend you against those claims.

What to Expect During a Meeting With a Car Accident Attorney

Your attorney will go through all the documentation you brought and ask you to explain what you can remember about the accident. Don’t worry about knowing what to say, your lawyer will ask you follow-up questions, or will instruct you on how to find more information if necessary. They’ll discuss your options and goals for the case, and can explain relevant rules and procedures that could affect the outcome. Your attorney will likely also tell you what the next steps are and advise you on how to discuss the issue with your insurance company.