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Rental Agreements

Securing a clean, safe, and pleasant place to live is central to your qualify of life. In many cases, once you find a location you will enter into a long-term rental arrangement that could last 12 months or more, so naturally there are many reasons why you may want to consult an attorney about a landlord-tenant matter.

A landlord-tenant dispute often involves allegations of wrongdoing by the landlord or tenant or cross-claims by both parties. While an issue such as the tenant failing to pay the rent or the landlord failing to repair the toilet seem like straightforward matters, in reality they can be complex legal issues where factors such as notice requirements, reasonable time to make repairs, and other arguments can impact the outcome of the case.

Have a Lawyer Review the Rental Agreement Before You Sign

Before you sign a lease or rental agreement, you may want to have a lawyer review it to ensure all the standard clauses and mandatory disclosures are present and properly worded so as not to unlawfully abridge your rights as a tenant.

Security deposits frequently cause disputes between landlords and tenants. An attorney can explain the legal requirements regarding security deposits to you as follows:

  • Any interest owed on a security deposit to be refunded to the tenant
  • If the interest and/or the deposit can be applied to repairs, cleaning fees and back rent owed

How an Attorney Can Help if You Need to Terminate your Rental Agreement

As a tenant, should your circumstances change and you want to terminate a lease before the date stipulated in the lease contract, a lawyer can negotiate with the landlord for an early exit and assist in avoiding pending rent on the balance of the lease term including potentially preventing the landlord from filing a lawsuit to collect the pending rent.

These are just a few of the situations where the advice of an attorney would be helpful. If you have any concern that terms of your lease are unlawful or you believe your landlord is in breach of the lease, consulting a lawyer can help you identify the legal actions and recourse available to you.

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