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Generally, real estate transactions are completed without any significant complications. However, there are situations in which the real estate deal can become legally complex and require the services of a Real Estate attorney. These kinds of attorneys practice in this area of law because they are well experienced, knowledgeable, qualified and frequently represent individuals and businesses who have a legal issue involving various real estate transactions. Real estate transactions typically include the purchasing and selling of property, foreclosure, disputes between landlords and tenants, and homeowner associations. Since land acquisition has deep political and legal roots in this country, several of the laws that govern real estate transactions are based upon the common law system. Although today most real estate laws are based upon federal and state statutes, there are still cases in which there are unique issues which arise that require judges and lawyers to follow the decisions of judges which were established under the common law system.

Why Should you Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

The benefits of hiring a real estate attorney far outweigh the costs of not hiring an attorney to handle your real estate transaction matters. First, most individuals have quickly learned that without the assistance of a lawyer they would have made costly mistakes, such as inadvertently removing trees from a neighbor’s yard because of mistaken beliefs about property boundaries. Without help from an attorney who practices in real estate law, they could have easily ended up defending themselves in a lawsuit.

Similar, business entities, involved in a variety of commercial real estate issues, including real estate investment opportunities, should hire an attorney to represent their interest. These kinds of transactions are always complex since there are numerous local zoning ordinances which govern this process. The Real Estate attorneys featured on LawInfo are eager to help and most provide a free consultation to discuss your matters.

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