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The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Louisiana coast late April, 2010 has caused extreme environmental damage and financially destroyed many coastal industry businesses in the area.Under the Oil Pollution Act, BP America, Transocean, Ltd, and other responsible parties are liable for the damages caused by the oil spill.

Those affected by the oil spill may have grounds for an individual lawsuit against the oil company or may be eligible to join one of the numerous class action lawsuits already filed.The disaster has affected the following:

  • Commercial Fishermen
  • Shrimpers
  • Oyster farmers
  • Marinas
  • Charter boat operators
  • Resort management businesses
  • Restaurants in the coastal areas
  • span> Coastal property owners
  • Employees of affected businesses
  • Workers or family members of workers injured or killed in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon.

If you or your business has been impacted by the Gulf Oil Spill, you may be entitled to compensation. As with all lawsuits, statue of limitations may apply, and you may risk forfeiture of your right to financial compensation if you delay. Contact a LawInfo Gulf Oil Spill attorney in your area today for more information, and to discuss your litigation options.

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