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MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft: Illegal “Off-Label” Uses

The MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft is a medical product approved for use during surgery to stimulate bone growth, so surgeons have slightly more control over where the bone grows back following surgical removal, and to repair damaged spinal discs. The MedTronic system quickly became a popular device in the medical field, and hundreds of thousands of patients have received these bone grafts since its introduction in 2002.

Unfortunately, the FDA has received many complaints about the Infuse system, and has found that it has been used “off-label” in several unapproved and unsafe cervical spine (neck) procedures. These uses of the MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft were not approved by the FDA (hence their classification as “off-label uses”) yet the product was allegedly promoted throughout the medical field for these unsafe procedures, despite its potential to cause serious damage to the patient. The litigation over off-label promotion of medical products as a parallel claim is still in its early stages of development, and thus the legal backing of this claim is slim. In fact, off-label promotion legality is still so new to the legal scene that it is remarkable these lawsuits have already managed to divide some courts.

The MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft: Legal Troubles

The reason the MedTronic Infuse product has gained so much attention in the legal world is because this promotion of “off-label” use of the system was allegedly spearheaded by the manufacturers themselves. By promoting the product for various unsafe “off-label” uses, the manufacturers at MedTronic were able to generate billions of dollars in profit. Needless to say, these accusations are severe: the allegations that MedTronic intentionally promoted off-label use for personal monetary gain have led to a defilement of the MedTronic brand, not to mention the various class action personal injury lawsuits that continue to resurface and gain steam on the horizon. The attorneys providing legal representation for the manufacturers and the MedTronic product are undoubtedly building a durable statute of limitations defense in order to wean the growing number of patients suing for financial compensation for instances of misuse that date all the way back to 2003. If you are directly involved in these cases, or you feel that you are inadvertently affected by the charges brought against MedTronic, contact an attorney for legal counsel.

Why Consult a MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft Attorney?

Misuse of the MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft results in instances of paralysis, sterility, severe pain, numbness, and a number of other complications. If you are involved specifically with these cases, the MedTronic brand, or the MedTronic Infuse Bone Graft product, seek legal counsel to protect your rights and build your defense in the hundreds of pending lawsuits. Whether you are a current employee who was involved in these cases, a doctor who has intentionally or unintentionally used the product for off-label purposes, or a representative of MedTronic who unknowingly contributed to the off-label promotion of the Infuse Bone Graft, it is imperative that you consult an attorney who is familiar with the case as soon as possible. There are now expert MediTronic Infuse Bone Graft attorneys who can review your case, help you learn your legal rights, and give you the legal representation you need to protect yourself and clear your name in the coming trials.

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