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Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid fraud varies from state to state, and includes a variety of actions which can lead to the investigation, and eventual prosecution for Medicaid fraud. You may find yourself in the midst of a Medicaid fraud case, and not even realize it. If you suspect something amiss in your claim for Medicaid, or your Medicaid records, you may wish to contact a Medicaid fraud attorney who will help evaluate your situation.

Accused of Medicaid Fraud?

Medicaid fraud and associated punishments for breaking these laws vary based on the state in which the crime was committed and the details of the case. A bar-certified attorney familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction will present the best counsel on a potential Medicaid fraud case. When it comes to Medicaid fraud, you may be accused of:

  • False Cost Reporting
  • Personal or professional kickbacks
  • A variety of unethical billing practices
  • Generic drug substitutions
  • False identity and falsifying credentials

Let a Medicaid fraud Attorney Help You

If you have been accused of Medicaid fraud, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately. Medicaid fraud has both state and federal implications and only an experienced attorney will be able to inform you of your rights and prepare the best defense for your case. Take advantage of your rights as a citizen and find the best legal representation to support you in court.

Don’t take your chances with the law. If you are involved in a Medicaid fraud case, contact a Medicaid fraud attorney who can help you today.

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