Client Testimonials

See some of the reasons LawInfo's clients are pleased to share their opinions of LawInfo's legal marketing solutions and the return they have experienced:

Keith and I first met professionally several years ago and over the years it has morphed into a friendship as well. That is how dedicated he is to his clients. In my experience, Keith has always been willing to provide assistance even when there was nothing in it for him. He has been a tremendous help to me over the years and I consider myself fortunate to know him. Like others, I was skeptical at first because so many people in his industry over-promise and under-deliver. However, my experience in working with Keith has proven to me that he really is the real deal and a man of his word. If you are ever in need of his services, please do not hesitate to contact him.

Peter F. Iocana
The Law Office of Barry T. Simons

My law firm works with Jill Kutilek with Thomson Reuters for our FindLaw and LawInfo top spots, as well as our firm's profiles and various other personal injury lawyer advertising. We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and we've been able to attribute a meaningful uptick in leads and traffic due to the listings. A big focus for our firm has been reaching people in Chicago who've been in a car accident, and being the lawyers who are the most visible and the most trusted. FindLaw & LawInfo helps us achieve that goal, and we expect to be working with them for years to come.

Jared B. Staver
Staver Law Group, PC

We use LawInfo to help improve our visibility for long-tail searches. LawInfo has very specific content that attracts search-engine traffic and drives prospective clients to our site.

Howard Ankin
Ankin Law Office, LLC.

I have practiced Family Law for almost half a century. During that time I have interacted with many marketing representatives.

It has been a pleasure to work with Alana Geyer in connection with my participation in the LawInfo service. Ms. Geyer has been very helpful in explaining the benefits of LawInfo and in guiding the nature of my account. She has also been very responsive to my questions about fees and services.

Attorneys who are considering on-line marketing would be well-served by conferring with Ms. Geyer, as she is highly professional and customer oriented. I am pleased to recommend her services.

Steven Levine
Steven Jon Levine, Esq.

I have been a solo practitioner for the past 8 years. As with all solo or small firm attorneys, most of my business began with word of mouth referrals. However, over the years, I have expanded the breadth of client base through various advertising sources, both online and through print. Thankfully, two years ago I had the privilege of meeting Alana Geyer at LawInfo. Skeptical as I am with the empty promises of web referral and marketing solutions, I was impressed by Ms. Geyer's knowledge of the legal marketing world and her confidence in LawInfo's marketing platform. Ms. Geyer was attentive to the specific need of my growing practice and was willing to work within my budget rather then sell me a hope and a dream for her own financial benefit.

I cannot stress enough how amazed I am with LawInfo. As a tech-savvy attorney, I have advertised with all of the big names and LawInfo has outperformed each and every one of them. I get more calls in one month with Lawinfo than I do with my Google, Bing and Avvo advertising combined. Quite frankly, my law practice would not be where it is today if Ms. Geyer had not contacted with the opportunity to advertise with LawInfo.

I highly recommend contacting Ms. Geyer to utilize the Thomson Reuters line of products and increase your firm's reach. No other marketing and referral service even comes close. Thank you again Alana for all your help.

Michael C. Barrows
Law Offices of Michael C. Barrows

Keith Newstrom has been a tremendous help and I am fortunate to have him assisting my firm. I was skeptical at first because so many people in his industry overpromise and under-deliver. However, my experience working with Keith has proven that he is the real deal and a man of his word. He has been very honest with me and always responds to my inquiries right away. Keith truly has a passion for his job and sincerely wants to help. I would strongly recommend him to anyone that can benefit from his expertise.

Matthew Podolsky, Esq.
Managing Attorney at Florida Law Advisers, P.A.

Robert Burns has been a tremendous help to my company. He was responsive, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile. Best of all, he knows his field which is the most important thing. My business has increased in exposure due to his help and recommendations.

He gained my trust to the fullest and I look forward to working with him again.

Ronald Sinai
Co Founder at Nova Legal Funding

It has been a pleasure working with Keith Newstrom. He is very thorough and detailed. I never feel he is trying to sell me but rather trying to help my firm. Keith is one of the finest Marketing reps I have ever come across. Thank you for all you have done for our firm.

Bradley Dworkin
Dworkin & Maciariello

As veterans in the legal marketing field, we understand how difficult it can be to forge a consistent and beneficial relationship with an outside legal marketing team; Keith Newstrom and Stacy Woodward, however, are a major exception.

Their client-centered approach to legal content marketing is exceptional, and their willingness to customize the process to meet our firm's unique needs is indispensable. It is truly rare to find a legal solutions team that operates with such ingenuity, professionalism, and consistency.

Personal Injury Practice Group
Price Benowitz LLP

Keith Newstrom is an individual above the rest and you can tell from the moment you start talking to him. He's empathetic and genuinely concerned about helping me grow my business. When we first spoke, he wasn't just worried about making a quick sale; he wanted a solution that was right for me for years to come. He understood that this is my career and business, not just a side-job to be taken lightly. As a Personal Injury attorney in Los Angeles, I don't speak to many people with that have the years of experience, knowledge and honesty that Keith provides. Not to mention, you can sense the passion he has, not only to beat out my competition but to also provide a real synergy between Thomson Reuters and my firm.

Being up-front and honest was another monumental benefit working with Keith. He didn't try lying to me by boosting stats and conversions, telling me he could get me on the first page of Google, or even going over LawInfo & FindLaw's "first page results." He explained the difference between head-term and long-tail searches and their conversion rates. Keith even told me he would rather under-quote and over-deliver, knowing that saying this would risk losing my business. Fortunately for both of us, I trusted Keith and his confidence in the LawInfo and FindLaw products. Today, I can say I'm positive I made the right decision.

Lastly, Keith is always giving me tips and tricks on how to benefit my website; whether it's regarding my directory listings or suggestions on how to take advantage of competitors' flaws and use them to my advantage. Even if it's something as small as a quick text or email telling me to fix a grammar error on my site. The research he does regarding SEO, marketing trends, Google+ updates, etc. is always carried-out with scrupulous attention and honestly made me need Keith's assistance. He is sooo good!

I highly recommend contacting Keith to utilize the Thomson Reuters products and his expertise if you are looking to grow your firm. Even though at times I may think that everything is good, Keith reminds me that "good enough is never good enough."

Michael Ehline
Ehline Law Firm

Let me preface by saying I've worked with dozens of account reps and sales guys over the past 3+ years in the legal marketing field. I've spoken to and met a lot of personable, respectable people in the industry, but Keith is what you'd call a "top-tier" individual. Even after identifying a service that would benefit our firm without an superfluousness, he consistently followed up in a meaningful manner (and more importantly, a genuinely invested manner) without any trying up-sell demeanor. If you want to work with someone that will set aside solid time to learn about you, your company, and your goals, Keith is going to be one of the few people that does it with full focus and consideration.

Ryan Klein
Baker and Zimmerman

As a solo practitioner, I deal with many people, on a daily basis, trying to sell me things I don’t want or need. I am very skeptical of anyone or any company who tells me that they can help me make more money. Despite my skepticism, I took the time to speak with Mr. Hill. I am glad that I did.

Mr. Hill has spent a great deal of time with me discussing tactics, strategies, and trends in internet marketing. I am very happy to work with him and will always listen to his advice.

Aaron P. Hartley, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Hartley Law Office, LLC

I first turned to LawInfo to build a website for my law practice in 2000 or 2001. That site was so successful that I chose not to change its basic layout until I relocated my office to a new city and county in 2013. Of course, I chose LawInfo to design and build my new site as well.

I am very happy with my new website and Stacy Woodward and the rest of the team at LawInfo. We do well in the search engine rankings, and the support provided to us can't be beaten. Lawinfo is also proactive about telling us what we should do to stay ahead of the competition. I wholeheartedly recommend LawInfo.

Ted Brown
Law Offices of Edward A. Brown, P.A.

I have been a personal injury lawyer with my own firm for over 20 years. During that time I have worked with countless businesses to help me with marketing. These included SEO companies, website developers, television media and other forms of web and electronic marketing. Unfortunately, I had little success despite spending thousands of dollars a year until I began working with Kyle Hill over two years ago.

Kyle and his LawInfo have done an outstanding job with my marketing, driving a significant amount of traffic to my website and calls to my office which has ultimately increased our case load. Kyle is very knowledgeable and accessible. More importantly he has come through on every promise for each campaign we have worked on together.

While I did not have much faith in marketing prior to working with Kyle, I now swear by it. It is nice to finally work with someone who actually gets great results and does not make empty promises.

Michael Yonke
Yonke Law LLC

A year ago I was contacted by Tim Wells, a Client Development Consultant with LawInfo. We discussed my plan to conduct some "niche" marketing regarding wills, trusts, estate planning, probate and wealth planning.

Tim and the team at LawInfo were able to formulate a marketing plan which has resulted in a substantial number of leads coming to my office. As with all marketing, many leads have not developed into any specific work, but routinely, several leads turned into cases which have more than covered the cost for the year.

I have found Tim responsive, willing to evaluate options and generally always interested in helping my marketing plan succeed. I recommend that you consider talking to Tim Wells to see if LawInfo can help you as he has helped me.

A. Daniel Woska
Woska Law Firm

I have known Keith Newstrom for about a year. Keith and I have had several interactions over the past year to discuss internet marketing and what I need to do to better my visibility on the internet. As I did have several bad experiences with outside groups working on my website, I was hesitant to give Keith and LawInfo a change. However, after seeing how open and helpful Keith was to me (and I was not one of his clients), I gained a trust in Keith. For example, Keith gave me several ways to better not only my website, but also my Google+ and LinkedIn presence... and he did this without asking for money for his services or pressuring me to become a client. Because he has been so helpful, after 11 months I became one of his clients. If he is going to go over and beyond for someone who is not a client, I could only imagine how he would help my business if I became a client. Now, I have an incredible new website and I know that Keith is there any time I have questions. I could not be any more pleased than I am with the service, information and assistance that Keith has given me over the last year. I would recommend Keith Newstrom to anyone looking to better their business on the internet.

Attorney Tom Nellessen
Nellessen Law Office

I have been in practice 30 years and over the past 10 years I have been approached by some of the biggest names in web referral services. They have all made great promises and some of them have convinced me to spend large sums of money on their services. I have signed one year contracts with a cost far exceeding the five digit area. LawInfo has been a pleasure to deal with. They have not over-promised nor under-performed. Everything they said they can do, they have delivered. They have been one of the most cost effective web/referral programs I have ever done. If anyone is considering their competitors, I would think twice because I have used at one time or another every one of their known competitors.

Attorney Daniel Jensen
The Law Office of Daniel Jensen

I have worked with  Stacy Woodward at LawInfo since 2012. I started slowly, just listing for Criminal Law. It worked and I got clients! Next I added Personal Injury, and that worked too. This year, Stacy talked with me a lot about what I needed next in order to have the right foundation for my site and my presence online and in the search engines. She was right. LawInfo built a great responsive website for me and completed my Google+ profile. My rankings and contacts immediately increased. I am a happy client and would absolutely recommend Stacy and LawInfo to others.

Paul J. Dickman, Esq.
Dickman Law Office

Ryan Bowlan , thank you for all your good help on marketing our site, You have been very encouraging and supportive to us regarding topics related to web marketing and helping us to get the full benefit of services. Your patience and explanations helped me to understand what we need to do and why it is important. I will do more blogging like you suggested. I appreciate the tips about adding photos and videos to G+, and updating the content on our site. Thank you for all your assistance.

Diana Dunlap
Dunlop, Dunlop & Dunlop, P.A.

Keith Newstrom is my account representative for my LawInfo and Lead Counsel Listing. I enjoy working with Keith because he knows how to put the client first. He is down to Earth and extremely knowledgeable about the trends of SEO and legal marketing on the Internet. Because of Keith, I could not be happier with my relationship with LawInfo.

Attorney Robert Goings
Goings Law Firm

Our work with Jared Chrisman at Lawinfo has been very productive. It may be his experience as a triathlete that inspires him to go the distance required to meet our demands. We wanted criminal defense, divorce and family law clients looking for an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma to find our website at Jared delivered. The former Norther Arizona University Lumberjacks football team center handed our request over to his crew at Lawinfo then came back with a proposal that resulted in a dramatic boost in click-through rates. Along the way, he helped us resolve issues in other Reuters directories. At all times, he was courteous, optimistic and results oriented. Jared is definitely a go-to guy for law office marketing.

Attorney James M. Wirth
Wirth Law Office Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our immigration law firm began in 2008 with two attorneys in Houston, Texas. Since 2008, we have grown as a firm by adding a San Diego, California office in 2010 and enhancing our practice through the use of industry experts like LawInfo. Our practice must stay on the cutting edge for our internationally competitive clientele. LawInfo has been helping us stay competitive in the market place since 2009.

We have enjoyed working specifically with Allison Bohm and the team at LawInfo for over 4 years. She continually follows-up and helps ensure the return on investment through LawInfo. Not only that but Allison is knowledgeable in the market space, responsive to our needs and offers the best solutions to grow our business. She will even go out of her way to go over what we are doing to see what is working and what is not. The creative solutions provided by Allison and LawInfo have kept us coming back as our market constantly changes.

I would recommend Allison and LawInfo to any firm looking for a cost-effective solution to maintain and/or grow their practice.

Brian Johnson, Attorney
Guerra & Johnson, P.C.

I have worked with Keith Newstrom since 2012. I have worked with many online marketing groups and was a little skeptical to start. What I found in Keith is a knowledgeable! often brilliant internet and marketing savvy go-getter who works the extra hours, provides the extra customer service support, and is there for me loyally, and literally 24 hours a day. I would sometimes think of a question and send it to Keith over the weekend on a Sunday, only to watch my response pop back into my email screen moments later. There is no doubt in my mind that working with Keith has increased my revenue, expanded my customer base, and made my bottom line more profitable to a huge degree. I highly recommend him and Law Info for your internet marketing needs.

Attorney Shazam Kianpour
Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C.

Keith Newstrom, our Lead Counsel representative at LawInfo, has significantly raised the bar for customer/client service. I recently emailed Keith with a request. Moments later I received his personal emailed response that he was out-of-state on a family emergency but he would make the proper inquiries and get back with me. Thirty minutes later, I had everything I needed. This was no small feat as it involved communication with several internal LawInfo departments and their immediate coordinated response to his request. At the time I felt that I had intruded upon him and his family’s time together. But after giving more thought to the matter, I’m certain he has made his family members proud over and over again.

I have also been very impressed with the backend team at LawInfo including Kristin Gonzales and Vanessa Cuevas. They have proven their commitment to our account and I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with LawInfo.

Attorney Charlie Ward
Ward & Ward Law Firm

I have worked with Stacy Woodward at since 2012. I was very skeptical about this working, and I even invited Stacy to “prove me wrong”. That is exactly what she and LawInfo have done. I have found that this was a great business decision, as it is bringing in good criminal clients. I am getting a steady stream of contacts, and I am able to track exactly which contacts are converting to clients. I am a very happy client. Stacy and the LawInfo staff are always responsive and interested in making this work for me. I would recommend them to others looking for effective marketing with personal service.

David H. Thomas
Meeks and Thomas Co., LPA has made money for my practice.  One of the biggest reasons has been the involvement of Stacy Woodward. Her suggestions about my website look and content resulted in increased client traffic immediately.  She took the time to understand my practice and the type of client I was seeking and then helped me attract business. The service provided by Stacy has been first rate.  Quick response time, meaningful assistance and friendly service are the norm with Stacy and LawInfo.

William Gallagher
Arenstein & Gallagher

As a new attorney setting up my practice I knew that having a website was imperative.  I spent a few weeks researching companies who provide website services, all ranging from dirt cheap to wildly expensive.  Although LawInfo was not the cheapest service out there, I feel that I got an excellent bang for my buck. Robert Burns was patient, professional and most of all knowledgeable about building a site from scratch.  He told me what he was going to do and then did it.  Robert even called me back the day after his first child was born to answer questions I had.  If that isn’t customer service then I don’t know what is.  I have recommended Robert to other friends in the legal community and will continue to do so.  Thanks Robert!

Thrower & Schwartz Law Firm

My firm began working with Jason Lane (our LawInfo account representative) as a result of a recommendation by my firm's legal marketing company. I practice in the area of traffic and criminal defense law, helping defendants with DUI, reckless driving and other criminal charges in the Fairfax, Virginia area. Their professionalism has surpassed our expectations and they are extremely knowledgeable in the area of law firm SEO.

Raj Dua
Dua Law Firm, PLLC

Robert Burns and Lawinfo came to us as a recommendation of a business partner. This partner was very happy with Robert's service. Since hiring Robert several months ago, our experience has been the same. Robert can help your firm generate leads and develop new business.

Daniel Romaine
Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg Co., LPA

Keith Newstrom has been my representative at LawInfo for the Lead Counsel listing, website, Google+ and much more Internet Marketing. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that if I ever have a question, he’s available to help; whether it’s 3:00AM replying to my text about the contract or 6:30PM going over Google+ updates, Keith is there. I initially signed up for the LawInfo Lead Counsel position to be one of the four Tacoma DUI attorneys to start and see if it would work for me and my firm. Within the first month, I had a felony case through LawInfo and the program had paid for itself.

After about six months, I started doing Personal Injury through LawInfo because the contacts were so great. I expect to grow as much as I can through LawInfo and if it wasn’t for Keith - who’s one of the few people I know who work as many hours as I do, and honestly, has become a friend - I wouldn’t have done so well with the program. I will be hiring someone to help me with the intake and that is largely due to Keith and the LawInfo staff, which I can’t thank enough for everything they’ve done for me throughout the years.

Daniel Murphy, Criminal Law Attorney
Murphy's Law Offices

I have worked with the folks at LawInfo for over ten years and credit them not only with a steady volume of email and phone inquiries that become clients, but also with my website’s high placement online in general. I have certainly had consistent success with their Lead Counsel program.

When I get all those cold calls and emails from other companies seeking to improve my rankings, I feel confident in telling them “No thanks, LawInfo has me covered.”

One thing I will say about LawInfo that is of particular note, is how great a team they are to work with. You don’t see all that upselling you get from other companies and they have a consistency of staffing that speaks volumes to the consistency and quality of their work.

Paul Soreff, Soreff Law

I have been a part of Law Info’s Lead Counsel program since 2011 and have renewed my contract because it works. Although my practice has always been generated from many different sources, the contacts and clients I have made through law info have been a pleasure to work with. As a firm practicing exclusively in Immigration Law, Law Info has helped me make contacts and generate clients in a variety of Immigration related matters.

I’d like to thank Colin Richardson for the personal care and attention he has taken to ensure that I am receiving the best possible services from the program, and would strongly recommend them to other attorneys who may be looking for solid support in their own marketing efforts.

Kripa Upadhyay
Orbit Law, PLLC

Kuck Immigration Partners has been very appreciative of the referrals generated by the efforts of LawInfo. We have been a client of LawInfo for years We not only capture constant online traffic, but we also receive phone calls and email inquiries from potential customers. We at Kuck Immigration Partners are active bloggers, and LawInfo allows us share our opinions and information with their followers by sharing our blog post. LawInfo has a robust platform in place to help boost SEO because of their established 18+ year domain, as well as their hosting of over 3K additional sites. Kuck Immigration Partners looks forward to the continued partnership with LawInfo for the forthcoming years.

Viviana Garcia, Marketing Director
Kuck Immigration Partners LLC

I have experimented in the past with almost every conceivable advertising and marketing resource, often at great expense with little return. 2 years ago I learned about, and met Mari Jones. To be frank, I was skeptical at first about spending my limited resources on such a venture. My skepticism long ago evaporated. Mari Jones at has been nothing short of remarkable in dealing with questions and my needs in terms of my practice and career. To say that Mari is attentive, responsive, and always available, is simply a gross under-statement. She is simply put, a consummate professional in every respect.

I have had non-stop prospects and has become my only source of advertising at this point as I have needed no other. A very significant portion of the leads I receive do become paying clients who then often refer me to their friends and relatives. I can candidly state that I have more business than I can handle and will be adding another partner shortly.

The folks at are sharp business minded people who know the law and know advertising and know how to deal with changing markets and changing lawyer needs. Best of all, the annual fee that I pay is 'paid back' with one or two referrals and it is as if I then get free advertising for the remaining 11 3/4 months of the year.

I could not be any more pleased, and for the record, I am not easy to please. I encourage my fellow attorneys to join and see for yourself what a great service they provide. I would be happy to speak to any of my fellow attorneys about Just stay out of my territory!

Attorney Stuart Brown
Stuart E. Brown Attorney at Law

Keith Newstrom is my my main contact for Lead Counsel through He has gone above and beyond with trying to help make sure that my listing on LawInfo will generate leads to help me grow my business. He voluntarily reviewed my website and gave me some key advice on how to improve it. That was not something that he had to do. Keith is professional, friendly, and straight forward. I highly recommend him.

Attorney Trent Trani
M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C.

We started working with LawInfo as part of their case referral* service. While we used other online referral services in the past, we were not ready for the steady influx of business that it provided. So we hired another attorney. Based on that success, we opted to use LawInfo to redesign our website, which was incredibly done at a reasononable price. Although many of their standard websites, looked great, we went with a custom design website (( The staff, including Robert Burns and Heather Tarr, made sure that every little detail was accounted for and all of my goals fulfilled. As a result, we got even more business and hired another attorney. Robert kept us apprised on all the new developments in internet marketing, including Google+. Now that we have included that service, our business continues to grow. I have recommended LawInfo to many of my lawyer friends, and everyone has thanked me profusely.

Attorney Brian D. Spitz
The Spitz Law Firm, LLC
*LawInfo is not a referral service, rather LawInfo lists attorneys on a publicly available directory

I have found Keith to be diligent, honest, and forthcoming. He follows-up and has an interest in making sure there is a synergism between both firms to maximize the ROI.

Attorney Randall Fischer
Law Offices of Randall A. Fischer, P.A.

Mari Jones is a professional internet marketing specialist with current knowledge and expertise. She is respectful of her clients and is helpful in identifying appropriate marketing tools. Unlike others in similar positions, Mari does not over-sell her company's services, does not speak poorly about her competition and does not abandon her clients after they sign the contract. Mari regularly re-evaluates and reports to her clients the success and/or challenges facing their marketing strategies. She does not try to explain away issues, rather she stays focused on solutions and on assisting clients in achieving their goals. I am impressed with Mari's work ethic and recommend working with her.'s Lead Counsel Program was and continues to be a good investment for my law firm. I especially appreciate the company's continuing efforts to improve their services to the benefit of their clients as well as their continuing support of Mari's efforts to provide excellent service to her clients.


Jonathan S. Swartz, Member/Manager
Jonathan Swartz & Associates, PLLC

Hi Robert

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to touch base with you to let you know how happy we have been with LawInfo and the leads we have received as a result of our advertising with you. Additionally, our website redesign went very smoothly and we were impressed with your team’s professionalism and attention.

Elise P. Spitz
The Spitz Law Firm, LLC

Keith delivers what he promises. He is easy to work with and is great at following up and answering questions. I have hired his company, more than once, and would recommend Keith's services to others.

Attorney Miller Leonard
Miller Leonard, PC

Testimonial (long overdue---- I know, I’m sorry)
I have been a client of LawInfo for over a year. I was initially hesitant to sign up, because I had just left my firm and ventured out as a solo practitioner and I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it. I also didn’t believe that it would benefit me very much. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I have been working with Kyle Hill, who with patience and perseverance convinced me to give it a try. I can honestly say that more than 65% of all of my initial contacts from potential clients came from It has paid for itself many times over. I have just sent Mr. Hill my renewal contract, and he can expect the same next year.

Attorney Terrica Odum
Odum Law Office

Mari works in the tough field of legal advertising culling leads for her clients who, like me, are attorneys. I would highly recommend Mari, as she is attentive, creative, and seeks to add value to your business, not like so many others merely close an account.

Attorney Michael Palumbo
Attack That Ticket

Robert (and have provided our firm (Cap & Kudler) with marketing for our website providing us with many leads over the years. Since they have redesigned our website, it has quickly moved up the google search pages. We are waiting to work with them on our third project to make our web site even more powerful.

Donald C. Kudler, Esq.
Cap and Kudler

Allison is highly professional and always responsive to her clients needs. She is very knowledgeable and proactive in seeking better ways to enhance the services her company provides. I strongly recommend her and her company.

Jamie N. Hage, Esq.
Hage | Hodge, P.A.

I have been working with Robert Burns and LawInfo for several years now. Robert and the entire LawInfo team have always been very helpful and diligent. They have confidence in their product and initially recommended that we start small, with local Personal Injury listings. After we saw over time how well the local PI listings worked, we expanded statewide and then added nationwide mass tort campaigns that have contributed to the overall success of my firm. I can’t recommend Robert and LawInfo highly enough.

Robert W. Goldwater: Managing Partner
Goldwater Law Firm, P.C.

My law firm used to promote our website and drive in more customers. Allison [National Director of Lead Counsel] was great to work with and explained exactly what could provide for my business. If a law firm is looking for a way to promote more business and drive more visitors to their website I would suggest contacting Allison at and having her explain the benefits to you.

Brent Labovitz, Esq.
Kolker & Germeroth, L.L.C.

LawInfo served as a valuable tool for us and the staff was highly responsive.

Julianne R. Frank, Esq.
Frank, White-Boyd, P.A.

Allison [National Director of Lead Counsel] has always done a great job of answering any concerns or questions that I have had regarding the time I was using LawInfo's marketing products. I never felt as though she was simply trying to take my money but that she really believed in the product.

Chris Eskew, Esq.
Eskew Law LLC

I was on the phone with an SEO salesman for a large advertising company. He was looking to provide SEO services based on one of our alternate sites. When he saw our main site (, he was impressed by everything that was there. He said he was “blown away” and that the [LawInfo Created] site had all of the elements for good SEO. He was also impressed with the look and feel.

Just thought you guys and gals might like to hear that.

Donald C. Kudler, Esq.
Cap and Kudler

I have been with LawInfo’s Lead Counsel program for a year now – it’s been one of the best business decisions I have made. Their responsiveness and quality of service is simply outstanding.
I have been very impressed with Mari Jones and with the services provided by the entire LawInfo team. I highly recommend the Lead Counsel program to anyone interested in developing a vibrant, rewarding , and cost-effective Internet presence for their practice.

Attorney William E. Schireman
Law Office of William E. Schireman

Thanks to LawInfo, our firm was able to expand our reach to clients across the Valley. Our firm's Featured Listings within the LawInfo Directory helped us initiate hundreds of consultations, developing into retained clients and successful filings. Our Director Mr. Robert Burns was more than helpful facilitating our needs as our business grew and secured top spots for us in our desired markets, offering us first choice on new products to maximize our advertising campaign from preferred listing to Lead Counsel and Video Sponsorship. After 3 strong years our partners have separated and the practice has been ended, but we highly recommend the professionals at LawInfo for the best return on investment in advertising on web.

Kevin Goff, PC

Right from the start, LawInfo impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only boosted our call volume, but also generated the results we were looking for. The Law Firm of Shaw & Associates, P.C. has been using LawInfo for over a year now, and from day one we’ve seen our practice expand. The customer service support staff at LawInfo are thorough and diligent. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. As a Family Law and Employment Law Firm located in midtown, Manhattan, Lawinfo has helped us to increase our caseload tremendously; we would recommend Lawinfo to anyone looking to grow and expand.

Kamelia "Mia" Poppe, Esq.
Law Firm of Shaw & Associates, P.C.

I have been practicing law for seven years and had a reputable practice going. Based on a friend's recommendation I decided to give Law Info a try. I started in March and in less than two months I recieved several new clients. Law Info generates legitimate calls from quality potential clients. I could not be more satisfied.

Attorney Richard B. Pugh
Law Offices of Jacob N. Sanchez & Richard B. Pugh

I have been a satisfied client of LawInfo and Stacy Woodward for 12 years. I continue to renew with LawInfo because the services provided work. Thanks to LawInfo, I have a strong Internet presence, receive positive comments on my web sites and consistently get contacts and new clients year after year. The fees from new clients have far outpaced the fees I have paid to LawInfo.

The people at LawInfo have always been responsive when I need something or have a question. Not only that, the people at LawInfo are courteous and actively follow up with me on a regular basis to make sure things are going well.

I highly recommend LawInfo.

J. Robert Parke, Esq
Law Office of J. Robert Parke

I've used LawInfo for ten years for my website design and maintenance and to create an online presence for my law office. LawInfo has always been responsive to my needs, they are easy to work with, and, above all, LawInfo has generated business for my practice. In addition, LawInfo is always striving to get the best online results for me in the competitive and crowded marketplace. I would recommend LawInfo to any practitioner looking to find a partner in online marketing.

Zev S. Brooks, Esq.
Law Offices Zev S. Brooks

I have been with LawInfo for 4 years.

I continue to renew each year because it works.

It has been very helpful to have a tracking system that shows every call and every email that comes into my office.

There is no question that I am getting contacts AND clients from LawInfo.

I highly recommend them.

Attorney James Lambert Leestma
Law Office of James Lambert Leestma

I have the best return on investment from LawInfo than from any other company I am advertising with!

As a newer firm, LawInfo has worked with me to find the best solutions, and that is vital. I definitely want to continue advertising with LawInfo and am looking at moving my advertising dollars from other areas to them.

Attorney Christina Buchan
Law Office of Christina Buchan, P.A.

LawInfo has hosted my Web site since 1997 and has been our main source of business. We recently had them design a new site for us, since the old one was out of date. I am very happy with the Web site, which has brought not only new business, but many compliments. The professionalism of the staff and ease of formation and chewing up and spitting out a beautiful, effective website are unmatched and highly recommendable.

Diane Hromek, President
Diane Hromek's Court Reporters, Inc.

I really appreciate everything Lawinfo has done...had I known I would have gone with you guys a lot sooner. I have recommended
you to several other attorneys in Ventura County, it seems to me that LawInfo has provided more contacts (and business) than anyone else out there in the short few months I have been with you. A lot of my attorney friends (and Ventura County family law attorneys are a pretty tight group of people - outside of the courtroom) are paying a lot of money for web advertising without the kind of results I'm receiving.

Attorney Robert P. Wright
The Law Offices of Robert P. Wright

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Lead Counsel Program. As I indicated to you when we first spoke, my biggest hesitation about signing up with your service was the types of cases I might attract. I was concerned that I might only receive inquiries from very small business matters, but about 20% of the contacts have ended up in a matter where we opened a file on cases that while not huge, were very good.

With all the different companies trying to convince me to pay for their services, I appreciate that, Inc. allowed me to try the program on a smaller scale before committing to a large investment. The results of your program speak for itself - it is clear that you provide a superior service with a good return on investment. I have signed up on an annual basis now and plan on being a long term client of LawInfo.

Attorney Bradley A. Bening
Willoughby, Stuart & Bening

LawInfo's knowledge of the legal industry and what it takes to market attorneys on the Internet is better than that of any other company I've seen and your one-call customer service is outstanding. I would recommend your services to any attorney seriously interested in growing their practice through the use of the Internet.

Thomas B. Gorrill, Attorney at Law

I have been a client of LawInfo for over 5 years, ever since a colleague of mine referred me to Stacy Woodward. In those 5 years, you have helped me to steadily grow my practice.

I often get compliments on the site that you built for me. I believe that it is professional and represents me well. One of the biggest benefits of the Lead Counsel program, in my opinion is the fact that I get an email from you every time I get a contact from the site. This allows me to effectively track what is happening.

The bottom line is that wherever you are placing me, people are finding me. We get at least 2 calls every day and sometimes as many as 4 or 5. Not all of them turn into clients, but about 6 out of 10 actually make an appointment and come in to the office. Obviously, this is very cost effective and has more than paid for itself.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Stephen A. Gershman, Esq.
Law Offices of Stephen A. Gershman

LawInfo reviewed our goals and budget for growing our new practice. Robert Burns worked with us to create a website and develop a marketing strategy that maximized our internet exposure and allowed us to target specific geographic areas and areas of practice. The plan LawInfo helped us develop was reasonably priced and has been very effective. We saw immediate benefits from the exposure LawInfo gave us, and we attribute much of our rapid growth to the help we received from LawInfo.

Brenda Douglas
Goff and Douglas, PC

My experience with for the past two years has been an extremely positive one. Since becoming affiliated with my sources of new business from the Internet have steadily and dramatically increased.

Although my practice has always been generated from many different sources, the Internet has now become my single largest source of business contacts, which in turn have lead to my representation of many new "high quality" clients.

I'd like to thank for their valuable assistance, and would strongly recommend them to other attorneys who may be looking for solid support in their own marketing efforts.

Attorney Richard N. Grey
Grey Law

LawInfo's Video Sponsorship Program has generated substantial new business for me and my firm right from the start.  Their support staff has made the entire process enjoyable as well as profitable.

George Nader, Esq.
Riley & Dever, P.C.

I have been listed with LawInfo for several years and as a result of the exposure they've provided, my business has increased significantly. I appreciate my association with them.

Stuart H. James
James and Associates Forensic Consultants, Inc.

Having tried almost every form of advertising you can think of, without success, I can say the decision I made to go with you and your program was one of the best business decisions I have made.

Attorney Jay Clark
Law Offices of Ravert J. Clark

Forensic Criminology Associates, Inc. has been using Lawinfo for many years and plans on continuing to do so. Lawinfo maintains our web site and provides us a listing on their data base at the same cost many sites charge for the listing alone. Lawinfo helped us create and later revise our site to keep current. Lawinfo personnel have been extremely helpful and are always immediately responsive when I contact them. It is also important to me that they have a long history; many sites offering similar services have appeared and just as quickly disappeared. Lawinfo has become a necessary part of our business.

Daniel Kennedy, PhD.
Forensic Criminology Associates

Anyone can be a host. But can they list you consistently with search engines so that you're listing comes up on the first page? Lawinfo does this. Very professional and reliable with excellent service. Consistency is key and that is why I stayed with them these past seven years.

Joe Jalbert
Joe Jalbert & Associates

I've been working with LawInfo for 3 years, and while the Lead Counsel Program has always worked for me, I noticed a significant increase in contacts this last year. Like many lawyers, I advertise elsewhere, but I've found that the majority of my non-referral new clients are a result of my online marketing with LawInfo.

Fred Cummings, Attorney at Law