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Our primary goal here at LawInfo is to connect individuals and businesses with the best possible legal representation for their specific legal issues. To assist in this goal, we list Lead Counsel Verified attorneys in premier positions across LawInfo.com and our legal directory. The Lead Counsel Verification offers consumers and businesses an objective evaluation tool to use when selecting legal representation.

What Is Lead Counsel Verification?

As a consumer or business looking for an attorney to represent you or your organization, you want a professional with experience relevant to your issues. You also want to know before your initial consultation that a prospective attorney is licensed, in good standing and has a clean disciplinary record. When you see the Lead Counsel Verification, you can be assured an attorney meets objectively strict quality assurance standards and is worthy of your trust and confidence.

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For Attorneys: Why Apply for Lead Counsel Verification?

The Lead Counsel Verification is available for free to attorneys who can demonstrate the following requirements:

  • Professional experience in the relevant practice area
  • Current and in good standing with their state’s attorney governing authority with a clean disciplinary record

Once Verified, attorneys may use the Lead Counsel Verification on their firm website, in professional biographical locations and information, and in all marketing materials.

Further, Lead Counsel Verified attorneys receive a complimentary firm profile with their Lead Counsel badge prominently displayed on our legal directory at LawInfo.com. If they provide Spanish-language services and representation, attorneys will also receive a firm profile on our Spanish-language legal directory at Abogado.com. These complimentary profiles are a significant value, and include:

  • Increased visibility for you and your firm due to the strong search optimization capabilities available on these directories – bringing your profile (and firm) much closer to the consumer and businesses you’d like to attract
  • Being firm profile-based, all Lead Counsel Verified attorneys at the firm can be in one place, which gives prospective consumers and businesses a better holistic picture of your firm
  • Your complimentary profile, available through Lead Counsel Verification, will get prioritized rank in directory search results over other non-paid profiles that don’t have Lead Counsel Verified attorneys

Find our badges on LawInfo.com and Abogado.com.

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