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Family Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship and Corporate Law

At the Law Office of Krista L. Newton PLLC in Manassas, Virginia, we provide top-notch representation and advocacy for individuals, families and businesses in matters of family law, estate planning, guardianship/conservatorships and corporate law. Whatever you are facing, you can expect personalized solutions from an attorney who is experienced, compassionate and professional.

Our firm prides itself on our dedication to each of our clients. Our lawyer, Krista Newton, will work with you personally from start to finish. She is there to help you understand your situation, discuss possible options based upon your unique set of circumstances, and answer all of your questions. Krista has the knowledge and skills to help her clients decide the right path in which to address their concerns.

Contact us today if you need legal assistance with any of the following:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Guardianships And Conservatorships
  • Corporate Law

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Attorney Krista Newton

Krista earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science, with a minor in the Russian language from San Diego State University in 1994. She attended the University of Wyoming, College of Law from 1995 through 1998. During her last year of law school, she served as the Student Director of the Prosecution Assistance Clinic, where she wrote and argued several appeals in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court.

After a short stint working for an international law firm in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Krista relocated to Northern Virginia, where she has been practicing ever since. From 1998 through 2015, she worked as a corporate lawyer for primarily telecommunication corporations. While practicing as in-house counsel, Krista negotiated several multi-million dollar transactions on behalf of her clients as well as played an instrumental role in the companies' acquisition of businesses and assets. She drafted multiple commercial agreements. Working as in-house counsel, Krista learned not only the key legal factors to consider in negotiations, but the key commercial components as well.

In January 2016, Krista left the corporate world and started this firm in Manassas, Virginia. She continues to assist corporations in a multiple of commercial transactions, but she also has applied these skills to help individuals with a multitude of personal issues.

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