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Estate planning is not merely about the transfer of wealth after death. Much of the subject concerns life here and now: naming agents for health care and finances, articulating instructions in case of an accident, naming guardians for minor children, setting up trusts to achieve specific goals. This is the power of estate planning, and it's my job to guide clients through all aspects of this sensitive subject while making the information easily understandable.  

My process is methodical: I analyze all the options, I aid in selecting the best ones in light of the circumstances, and I keep the process moving until the job is done. There's no reason your estate plan cannot be done this week. All it takes is focus.

By maintaining a virtual practice, I can expand my legal services to anywhere in California, where I am licensed. My clients enjoy greater convenience, flexibility, and perhaps most importantly, lower costs than traditional representation without reducing the quality of service you receive.

The alternative to having a plan is not having one at all. While California's intestacy laws were created to provide a way forward when decedents pass without a will, sometimes things get messy. Why leave the smooth transition of your estate to chance when we can give voice to what you want now?  

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We spend our lives building our legacies. I'm here to ensure yours continues in accordance with your wishes. Call Dante 408-780-2307 today to arrange your free initial consultation.


Attorney Dante Cuddy

Dante graduated with honors from Leigh High School in 2005,  received his Bachelor of Arts in English at Santa Clara University in 2009, and obtained his JD from Golden Gate University's School of Law in 2012.  Immediately after law school, he began studying for the July 2012 California Bar Exam and passed on his first attempt.

Throughout his academic career and after passing the California Bar, Dante worked with a number of attorneys in the family law sector as they battled for their clients' rights regarding their property and custody over their children.  While helping individual clients was rewarding, Dante found the day-in, day-out routine of relationships-gone-hostile emotionally exhausting.  He elected to pursue other business interests.  

Over the years, Dante has worked with a number of businesses both large and small.  Through these experiences, he developed a passion for service to others.  He indulges this passion professionally by helping small businesses and start-ups take their dreams to the next level, and by performing Estate Planning services for California residents.

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