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If you face serious criminal charges, you need a lawyer who understands the court system where your case will be tried. When your future is at risk, the attorney who sits beside you can make the difference between an outcome you can live with and one that you can't.

I am Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer Wilson LaFaurie. As a former state prosecutor in Kings County and Brooklyn, I have handled thousands of criminal cases from both a prosecution and a defense point of view. I know what prosecutors need to put a case together. I also know how to take that case apart from a defense point of view. From my law office in Brooklyn, I represent people throughout New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

My practice is focused on protecting the rights of clients facing all types of charges in New York state courts. I handle a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor matters, from drug crimes, fraud and property crimes, including theft, to murder and manslaughter. In addition to representing people in state courts, I also have extensive experience handling federal criminal matters in federal court. These cases often consist of charges involving drug crimes, such as trafficking, and racketeering and RICO matters, among other criminal cases. Issues involving the pursuit of compensation for police brutality and false arrests are also heard in federal court.

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Attorney Wilson LaFaurie

If you face serious criminal charges, you need a lawyer who understands the court system where your case will be tried. If your future is at risk, the attorney who sits beside you can make the difference between an outcome you can live with and one that you can't.

I defend people who face all types of New York state misdemeanor and felony charges, including homicide, manslaughter, drug offenses, theft, fraud, burglary and robbery. As a skilled New York City federal criminal defense attorney, I also handle cases in federal court such as federal drug trafficking charges, racketeering, and civil cases seeking compensation for false arrest, excessive force and police misconduct. Probation and parole cases are also part of my firm's legal representation. I also represent youngsters under the age of 18 who have been charged with juvenile crimes.

Driving While Intoxicated

Brooklyn Criminal Court July 17, 2017

The client was arrested for driving while intoxicated (with marijuana & alcohol) and crashing his vehicle into a group of individuals.

Because the client was arrested at the scene and because the client was held down until the NYPD arrived the Brooklyn das office believed that they didn’t need to plea bargain…make a reasonable offer.

Attorney Wilson Antonio LaFaurie convinced the jury that the individuals that held down the client was a violent mob (client was African American, the witnesses were Hispanic and Russian). The attorney also convinced the jury that the people involved in arresting the client violated the clients civil rights and should have been arrested for false imprisonment which is a felony.

The jury took 20 minutes to find the client not guilty of all charges. Creativity, insight and brutality was the key for this result, the law offices of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie has always been able to be a visionary in the realm of defending a client.

Homicide/Murder Case

Manhattan Supreme Court April 5, 2017

The client was charged on Memorial Day, 2016 of a negligent homicide DWI case. The case received a lot of news coverage given how the vehicle was split in half and the passenger was discovered deceased.

The only other person in the car was Shiva Sharma, the alleged driver of the car. Mr. Sharma was transported to Jamaica hospital where a blood alcohol test was administered, the result was .17, more then double the legal limit in the state of NY. According to a highway patrol officer & 2 witnesses Mr. Sharma was seen crawling out of the drivers side of the vehicle. The deceased was found buckled into the passengers side of the car. The Manhattan DA’s office offered the client 8 years in jail, the client refused the offer and the case proceeded to trial!

At trial, a forensics expert testified that the defendants DNA was discovered on 4 sections of the drivers airbag (top, bottom and both sides).

At trial, a FDNY officer (and 911hero/survivor) testified that he manually cut-out the deceased from the passengers seat.

Most people would consider this an impossible case to prevail at trial…an easy conviction for the Manhattan. Hung jury was the result. The client was not convicted. Once again proving that the Law Offices of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie is uniquely situated to prevent any DA’s office from getting a conviction at trial.

Robbery/Assault Case

Manhattan Supreme Court January 10, 2017

The client was charged with robbery 1st degree (b felony), robbery 2nd degree, assault 2nd degree among other charges. Client was facing 15 years in jail. The manhattan’s das office offered 3-5 years in jail as a plea bargain given multiple individuals were robbed & beaten with a weapon.

At trial, 3 Chinese people testified that they observed the defendant rob, brutalize & commit several grand larceny charges in their retail store. After extensive cross-examination of all the witnesses the jury acquitted the defendant of 5 out of the 6 charges. Instead of incarceration for more the 10 years the law offices of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie was able to get the client straight probation. The law offices of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie once again prevented a client from a lengthy jail sentence. The ability, experience & trial acumen of attorney LaFaurie was the difference of freedom.

Perjury By Victim:

Brooklyn, Kings County February 20, 2016

Female accused her live in boyfriend of assault in the third (penal law 120.00), menacing and harassment. The complainant female was in their apartment when this occurred, went running out when she ran into a security guard. The guard flagged an NYPD officer which proceed to arrest the defendant boyfriend.

The complainant hired the law offices of Wilson A. Lafaurie because she made up the charges and the NYPD often still follows through with an arrest. With one on one meetings and affidavits the boyfriend was not charged.

Driving While Intoxicated for The 3rd Time:

Manhattan, New York County December 10, 2015

The client had two previous DWI/DUI's (vtl 1192.2 and 1192.3) in Manhattan as well as queens county. The client hired the law offices of Wilson A. Lafaurie for hearings & trial purposes. The client understood that accepting a plea deal would have meant job loss, 5 years license revocation, 5 years probation, $3,000 fine and a scram bracelet that would monitor secretion for alcohol violations.

The jury deliberated for 15 minutes before rendering a verdict of not guilty on all charges. The client suffered no consequences as a result of the arrest.

Credit Card Fraud, Previously Convicted In Outside State:

Queens Supreme Court, July 5, 2015

Female arrested for the unauthorized possession of credit card names and numbers. Upon her being arrested she cooperated and gave up info on the client. Client was arrested, indicted and tried on felony charges.

The trial lasted 7 days before justice Kenneth Holder. The felony charges were dismissed, and the client walked away with 1 misdemeanor charge. He was facing 5 years had the law offices of Wilson A. Lafaurie not prevailed.

Sexual Assault Charge:

Kings County, Brooklyn, June 7, 2015

Client is a Russian male who recently came to the United States. The complainant was a stranger to the client until she pointed him out on the street to an NYPD officer indicated that he was the one that sexually touch and assaulted her. The client was referred to the law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie from the Russian community.

Case dismissed due to the client’s inability to confess.

DWI Refusal Hearing:

Manhattan, 2 Washington street, New York, May 11, 2015

Client returned from the marines by serving our country in Afghanistan. After leaving a friends house he was pulled over for driving while intoxicated. He was asked to submit to the intoxilizer 5000en, he refused given he knew his rights as a citizen.

The DMV scheduled a refusal hearing in an attempt to suspend his license for 1 year. The police officer appeared at the hearing and attorney Wilson A. Lafaurie cross-examined him until the administrative judge reinstated the soldiers license.

The police officer showed no respect or deference to the soldier and treated him like a common criminal. Attorney Wilson A. Lafaurie returned the favor by showing no respect or deference to the police officer during cross-examination.

Murder Second Degree Arrest

January 2013, Kings County, New York-Brooklyn Supreme Court

Domestic violence arrest for a woman who killed her live-in boyfriend inside their home. The father of the defendant/female retained the Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie and the attorney was able to submit evidence that reduced the charge in the Grand Jury from 2nd degree Murder to Manslaughter in the 1st degree.

Conclusion: After 12 months of adjournments, one-on-one negotiation, motions based on the law and field investigations the Kings County District Attorney reduced the charge to Manslaughter in the 2nd degree. The women served 11 months in jail. Since then she has been released and is currently employed full time.

Bribery Arrest

April 10, 2014, Queens Supreme Court, Queens New York

A Middle Eastern man was observed offering and rendering money to a local political figure and an undercover police Officer. The Queens District Attorney with the cooperation of the NYPD set up these meetings to gain an indictment against the defendant. The Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie was retained and was able to convince the assigned ADA based on evidence compiled and submitted by the Law Firm.

Conclusion: No felony indictment, even though the video tape was visually and audibly clear. A deal was negotiated to a B misdemeanor which allowed the defendant to remain in the country, continue his employment and with no jail or probation.

DWI/DUI - Six Arrests

January 1-April 20, 2014, Brooklyn Criminal Court, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie was retained by 6 different male individuals for Drinking While Driving Intoxicated & Impaired. The dwi/dui arrested had some oddly identical aspects. The locations of each stop was the same, the time of the arrest were approximately 1 hour apart from each other and the arresting officer was either the primary officer or was the partner of the arresting officer.

Worse yet, on each of the cases, the defendants were accused of Refusing The Breathalizer. Thus, no results were available to prove or disprove the allegations. Due to the Law Office being retained by many people in the community the police officers agenda was uncovered.

Conclusion: All cases dismissed or given a disorderly conduct

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