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A divorce often affects your relationships with your children, your financial security, and your life for years after the divorce is finalized. At the Law Offices of John G. McGill, Jr., we provide comprehensive legal solutions focused on the complexity of your needs.

When you face a divorce, it is critical that you take immediate action to protect yourself. As a skilled Temecula Family Lawyer with over 28 years of experience in family law and divorce cases, I can effectively handle your domestic disputes. My focus includes:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Support
  • Property Division
  • Complex Divorces
  • Business Valuation
  • Hidden Assets
  • Restraining Orders
  • Move-Away Disputes
  • Domestic Violence

At the time of your divorce, you have the right to protect your financial security, your children, and your future. A common concern for clients facing divorce, beyond ensuring their rights with their children, is protecting their investments and wealth at the time of divorce. My Firm is experienced in handling the equitable distribution of assets and helping our clients assert their rights to retirement funds, business assets, stocks, 401Ks, pensions, and other accounts. In some cases, we will hire investigators and or CPAs to trace and value assets to ensure you collect your entitled share at the time of divorce. We can also assist you regarding your alimony or spousal support issues and protecting your rights against improper support orders.

Many clients come to us when they are facing complex divorce matters. We are experienced in handling difficult cases that involve child custody disputes (including move-away issues), division of significant assets and real estate, and family business cases.

Child custody determinations will affect your rights and relationship with your children. We are experienced in collecting evidence to articulate our clients' needs and a child's best interests to the court. In addition to original custody and visitation orders we also handle cases involving move-aways or parental relocation, parental alienation and modifications pre- or post-judgment.

As a trusted Temecula Family Lawyer, I know what is at stake and will work aggressively to protect your rights and your security and rights in a domestic violence or divorce matter. Since 1980 my Firm has been handling family law matters with compassion and professionalism. When your life, your children, your assets and your family are at stake we have the extensive experience, knowledge, and ability to effectively handle your case.

We serve San Diego County, Riverside County, and throughout Southern California.

Call me, Attorney John G. McGill, Jr. today at 951-290-7267, or complete the contact form provided on this site to schedule your free consultation.

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Attorney John G. McGill, Jr


  • Western State University, College of Law, J.D., 1979
  • Long Beach State University, B.S., 1974


  • U.S. Federal Court
  • State of California

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