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When you are accused of a crime, make no mistake, the entire weight of the criminal justice system is against you. You need a personalized defense based on investigation, facts and aggressive legal arguments, delivered by the most highly acknowledged criminal defense lawyers you can get. Your future is at stake.

The Law Offices of Jezic & Moyse, LLC have been recognized by the Washingtonian magazine and SuperLawyers as one of the areas top criminal firms of which are proud to deliver the strongest possible defense for each client they represent. Able to deliver criminal defense services in a number of different languages, they have the resources to represent non-English speakers. The firm's attorneys and staff speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Chinese fluently.

They represent individuals against criminal charges from initial investigation through the appellate phase in Maryland, Virgina and the District of Columbia. 

Contact The Law Offices of Jezic & Moyse, LLC and talk to a criminal defense lawyer today regarding any any of the following:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Burglary
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drug Offenses
  • Gun Crimes
  • Money Laundering
  • Manslaughter
  • Prostitution
  • Robbery
  • Murder

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Attorney Profiles

Attorney Andrew Jezic


  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia

Admitted To The Bar:

  • Maryland, 1995
  • District of Columbia, 1997


  • University of Maryland Law School, Juris Doctor
  • Georgetown University, Bachelor of Arts

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • District of Columbia Bar Association     
  • Maryland State Bar Association    
  • Maryland Trial Lawyers Association    
  • Montgomery County Bar Association

Foreign Languages Spoken:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish

Attorney David Moyse


  • Maryland

Admitted To The Bar:

  • 2006


  • Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Juris Doctor
    • Archbishop Fellowship Scholar and Graduated Cum Laude
  • American University in Washington, D.C., Bachelor of Science
    • Business Administration and Finance

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Maryland Association for Justice
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association
  • Maryland State Bar Association


"Initially I was very anxious and worried about my pending trial. Upon meeting Andy, I was much more confident that things were going to be okay. He gave me a pre-trial list of things to do to prepare for the trial. After completing the list, we got the outcome we were hoping for. Andy and Mr. Lucey are both very competent and professional. And I would definitely recommend the Jezic Moyse and Krum Firm to anyone looking for legal help."

"My story is one of complete success, and a most desirable conclusion. I was facing a serious traffic infraction in Montgomery County. Upon our first conversation over the phone, David Moyse relayed a personal interest in my case. He was sincere, understood my concerns, and what was at stake with the charges at hand for me personally. The actions taken and plan devised by David in my situation resulted in complete exhoneration of the charges. Not only did he successfully argue and win my case, but he went one step further and assisted me in getting the charges expunged from the record. It is as if it never happened. I will be forever thankful and grateful for David’s counsel. I highly recommend him for any serious traffic infraction in Montgomery County."

"In August, 2009, thanks to Attorney Andrew Jezic, I can believe in American Justice System again. The trial was programmed for three days. On the first day, after Attorney Jezic’s opening statement and only two hours or so of interrogation it was enough to put an end to all the false accusations. With great knowledge of his field, professionalism and equanimity, Attorney Jezic put and end to my nightmare. Attorney Jezic’s firmness and consistent pressure to get to the bottom of the story and bring out the truth, brought the injustice to an end. This trial came to an end not by jury decision. It was brought to an end BY THE SAME STATE ATTORNEY, who recognized that the accusations were lies; therefore, all charges – all five – were totally dismissed."

"Last year I was wrongly accused of a crime that could have ruined my life and reputation by going to prison for up to 10yrs. I went to a few different lawyers and never felt comfortable until I finally got referred to Andrew J. He was very down to earth and not judgemental of anything. He took the time to listen and I automaticly felt that he was on my side and had my best interest at heart. Money/fees didn’t seem to be the issue for him but instead just to defend someone that needed help. With his prosecution experience he was able to anticipate a lot of things which gave my case a great chance to be dropped. Finally my case was dropped and I was found not guilty of any of the accusations…. I always wish I never need a lawyer again but if I do, Andrew Jezic and his Team are the only lawyers I will hire."

"One of the best criminal defense attorneys I’ve met. Very knowledgeable about court law and he’s the best closer! His closing arguments deserve a standing ovation. Andrews’s legal team is also knowledgeable, very supportive and filled in when needed. I would recommend Mr. Jezic to anyone in need."

"I was once charged with a first-degree assault and incarcerated. Something I never thought could happen. Mr. Jezic collected all the documents and witnesses and persuaded the Judge to lower my bond from $350,000 to $0. In the end, I got probation before judgment (one-year non-supervised probation). Mr. Jezic saved my future life and my professional career. Mr. Jezic is very bright, knowledgeable, and experienced. He understands the justice system very well, and has good connections with prosecutors and judges."

"Mr. Andrew Jezic was exceptional in his representation of my criminal defense on a very serious felony case. I was facing decades in prison. He carefully reviewed my situation, conducted a thorough investigation, was always well prepared for the motion hearings, and he kept me informed at all times even on weekends and late evenings. He is indeed a charismatic, articulated, respectful, and most considerate professional who played an instrumental role in my very serious felony case. Thanks to Mr. Jezic’s exceptional professionalism and outstanding legal services, my case did not make it to jury trial and all the alleged charges were dismissed. I would definitely recommend him."

"Last year, I was falsely accused of a crime. I went to see Andrew Jezic and I immediately felt my case was in good hands. With a persistence of a court warrior, Jezic showed great skills to explain to the jury the injustice of the charge. His final statement was a masterpiece. The jury found me “innocent”, and my honor was cleared. Mr. Jezic is not only a great lawyer, but also a person who knows how to deal with the cultural issues that involve a Latino legal case."

"Mr. Andrew Jezic was extremely helpful in my situation after I was arrested several times over the course of a few months. I initially thought my life was over till I met Mr. Jezic and his partners as they proved to be very intelligent, knowledgeable, and productive when dealing with my cases. Not only did Mr. Jezic, Mr. Moyse, and Mr. Lucey give me the best possible advice and produce the best possible results for my cases, but they provided me with the support that I needed to deal with my convoluted situation. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Mr. Jezic, Mr. Moyse. and Mr. Lucey."

"I was charged with 5 very serious criminal offenses. Andy Jezic gave me hope about the case which was brought to a closure after a very brutal 7 months experience. I was found NOT GUILTY of all 5 counts, and Mr. Jezic definitely was very instrumental to the verdicts. He was extremely thorough and very professional. I am so glad that I realized he had reviewed and read my case properly. I highly recommend Andy Jezic’s firm any day because of their outstanding and tremendous job in and outside the courtroom regarding criminal cases."

"Mr. Jezic was outstanding in winning my husband’s very difficult criminal case before a jury. He kept us very involved in our case and not only is he very dynamic, professional, smart and responsive, but he also has a great team of support staff and other partners in his practice. We were treated with respect and kindness at all times and he answered every question we had and helped us to cope with what has been the worst event in our life so far."

"I was indicted on five counts last year. If not for Andy Jezic and his partner, David Moyse, my family and I would have been devastated . Their honest, wise, and excellent legal advice and skill at the jury trial secured me an acquittal before a jury on all counts. Their defense was professional and aggressive. Thanks to his very professional handling of my case, my family and I had confidence in a favorable outcome. I give thanks to Mr. Jezic and Mr. Moyse!!!"

"I was charged with first degree murder and held with out bond. I never thought it would ever happen to me. My parents found Mr. Jezic and Mr. Krum. They are great lawyers. They were always available when my parent called him to ask questions. I don’t know what would have happened to me if it wasn’t for their help. My case was completely dismissed."

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