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Since 1998, The Gold Law Firm has helped over 2000 clients recover millions of dollars from insurance companies for their accident-related injuries. The attorneys at our firm personally handle each case. We care about each client because we know that each client’s case is the most important case to them. Unlike the lawyers at some of the BIG FIRMS, the lawyers at the Gold Law Firm actually try personal injury cases.

When you consider hiring an injury lawyer, be sure to find out how frequently the lawyer actually goes to court and litigates cases. Insurance companies know what lawyers are skilled at trying cases and what lawyers are not. Settlement offers to attorneys with little or no trial experience are much less than for attorneys who frequently try cases. We expect to get a certain amount of money for our clients and when we don’t get that offer, we go to court. Be sure to hire an experienced trial attorney for your accident or injury matter.

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At The Gold Law Firm, we're based in Memphis, but we serve clients throughout Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

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Attorney Profile

Attorney David Gold


  • Tennessee

Admitted To The Bar:

  • 1998


  • Nashville School of Law, J.D, 1997
  • University of Alabama, Honors Degree, Psychology

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Tennessee Bar Association
  • Memphis, Bar Association
  • Speaker at TBA CLE
  • Speaker at TLAP CLE

Verdicts & Settlements

McClure v. Daniels: Slip and Fall: $75,000

Daniels v. Kroger: Slip and Fall: $75,000

Garner v. Garner: Car Accident: $100,000.00

Davisson v. Goldstar Holdings: $75,000.00


Car Wreck Injury Testimonials

I am so thankful that I hired David Gold as my attorney after my car wreck. In July of 2014, my daughter and my boyfriend and I were in our SUV when we were rear-ended by a young man in a sports car. The impact was huge. We were transported by ambulance to the hospital. I thought that I would be released the next day, but, on the second day of my recovery at the hospital, I had a stroke. I did recover but I had to stay in the ICU a few more days because of the stroke. I believed that the stroke was caused by the wreck and I wanted to be compensated for that injury along with the other injuries I had from the wreck. They guy who hit us only had $25,000.00 in insurance per person and my bills alone were over $70,000.00. I hired David Gold and he told me that he might be able to get some money from my underinsured motorist insurance policy if he could convince my insurance company that the stroke was from the wreck. David made a claim with my insurance company and we ended up getting $55,000.00 from both insurance companies. David got all my bills and liens reduced and I was able to put about $20,000.00 in the bank after my bills were paid. David also helped me get my short term disability started and did not charge me for that. I would definitely recommend David Gold and the Gold Law Firm to anyone who needs an attorney after a car accident.

Julie J. in Memphis

My daughter and I were in a car wreck on in June of 2014. We were rear-ended by a tow truck. According to the police report, there was less than $400 damage to my vehicle and less than $400 damage to the other vehicle. The insurance adjuster for the other driver called me and told me that “all they would pay to me was $500 and all that they would pay my daughter was $500.” She told me that because there was not much damage, there was no way we could have been hurt in such a minor impact. A friend referred me to David Gold at the Gold Law Firm. David told me that he would be able to get the insurance company to pay much more than what they offered. After we were treated at our doctor, David and his staff settled our cases. My daughter and I each got a lot more than $500. If you are injured in a wreck, don’t take the low offer. Call attorney David Gold.

Angela in Memphis

In February of 2014, I was the passenger in a car that was T-Boned by another vehicle. I was badly injured and taken to Baptist DeSoto County Hospital. My girlfriend found David Gold on the Internet when she searched for a car wreck lawyer. We met with David Gold and he told us what he thought each of our cases was worth. He tracked down the other driver's insurance information, even though the accident report did not have that. My girlfriend decided that she wanted to handle her claim herself and told me she could handle mine also. So we both fired David Gold. My girlfriend settled her case and insurance paid her medical bills and gave her $500. I was still hurt so I called Mr. Gold back up. I re-hired him to handle my case. Mr. Gold negotiated all my bills down and I got $8000.00 for pain and suffering. My girlfriend wishes she had not fired Mr. Gold. I am SO glad I came back to him. I would highly recommend the Gold Law Firm and David Gold to anyone who is in a car wreck.

Premises Liability and Slip-and-Fall

I was shopping at Kroger one night and slipped and fell on some red liquid. I landed on my tailbone and also hurt my shoulder. I did not think I was seriously injured so I did not seek medical treatment until the next day. I went to the hospital and they took x-rays which showed nothing was broken. My pain increased as the days went on so I went to my own doctor. He prescribed pain medicine for me.

I hired David Gold at the Gold Law Firm when Kroger said that the fall was my fault. I ended up getting several nerve blocks that helped alleviate the pain, somewhat. I lost my job since I could not do the work I was hired to do. David filed a lawsuit against Kroger. They still denied liability. David took the depositions of three Kroger employees who all said that the floor was "clean and dry" where I fell. David tried to get the video of the incident, but Kroger told him that there was no video even though there was a camera globe right above where I fell.

Kroger made an offer on the case at mediation, but that offer was very low. It would not even pay my medical bills. Soon after, Kroger increased their offer to a number just under my medical bills. My health insurance had already paid most of my bills. David said that if we went to trial, that the jury would probably believe the three lying Kroger employees over me. My doctors also said that much of my treatment was due to degenerative back disease. David said that he would be willing to go to trial, but, that we may not even get as much money as Kroger had offered. I trusted David's advice and we took Kroger's final offer. It wasn't as much as I would have liked, but, at least I got something.

One thing that I really liked about David Gold is that he gave me options and explained the flaws in my case to me. I know that we may have gotten more money if we had gone to trial, but, after David explained everything to me, I believe we made the right decision.

Rene in Memphis

Day Care Injuries

When I arrived to pick up my 3 year old special needs son at a Memphis, Tennessee day care center, I was shocked that he had a gash on his forehead. Someone had put some ointment on his wound, but, no one at the day care would tell me how my son was hurt. It looked like he had been dropped on his head. My son was upset and crying. Because my son is non-verbal, he could not tell me what happened. I took my son to the doctor who said he was not seriously injured. I hired the Gold Law Firm to investigate what happened. We never got to the bottom of what happened, but, the day care agreed to pay me $5000.00 for my son's injury. That was 40 times the medical bills! The main thing was that I wanted the day care center to implement procedures for notifying parents when their children are hurt. Since this accident, the day care now has a policy to notify parents when an injury happens.

Helen O. in Memphis

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