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Taxes Must Be Paid and Paid According to Tax Code
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If you have failed to pay your taxes or misrepresented the amount of taxes you owe, you will eventually come up as a red flag. Tax authorities are known for aggressive attempts to recover tax funds. When a case is serious in their eyes, they may go after every material and liquid asset you own. They have little or no tolerance for tax cheats or honest errors.

When they come after you, your need a sophisticated, detailed, and aggressive attorney on your side.

Attorney Chad Silver can help with any tax problem. He is a hard-working lawyer who keeps his clients informed and represents their interests every step of the way.

Contact him today if you need legal assistance with any of the following:

  • Tax Disputes Nationwide
    • Federal Tax
    • State and Local Tax
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • IRS Disputes
  • Criminal Tax Defense

You need a trusted adviser who works one-on-one with you and treats you with trust, respect and compassion.

Call Attorney Chad Silver today at 866-284-9197 to arrange your free initial consultation.


"Tax Attorneys at the Silver Tax Group were able to negotiate and offer in compromise of a $150,000 down to $20,000.  It does seem like a lot but a lot more affordable than $150,000.  I was happy with that offer.  I had some bad experiences at other firms where they took my money and did nothing. I thought those were law firms but really those were just tax resolution companies or tax networks not law firms.  Be really careful who you hire and make sure they are a law firm.  The owner of the firm must be a lawyer or it cannot be a law firm.  I learned the hard way.  Hire a real law firm with tax lawyers.  Hire the Silver Tax Group and you will be in good shape."

Michael S.

"I did not know how many years of tax returns I had not filed.  Many threatening IRS letters were coming to my house.  I waited so long that the IRS told my employer I was going to be garnished.  Still I did not do anything.  The IRS did not mess around and garnished my wages.  My employer found the Silver Tax Group online and told me to call them.  I did and spoke with Jim.  Jim told me my options and that the firm could stop the IRS and negotiate the garnishment lift immediately.  They completed an investigation and informed of my options.  They did in fact lift the garnishment and I was saved!"

Pamela C.

"I had a very complicated problem.  My husband (now ex husband – thank god) put tax returns in front of me that I signed in the parking lot after work.  I did not know what was on those returns.  I knew there was a big problem when the IRS notices came and threw me off guard and I could not understand them at all.  I could not figure out how I owed anything.  Was referred to Mr. Silver by a friend.  I met with Mr.  Silver who told me I would probably qualify for innocent spouse relief.  I trusted that he knew a lot more than I did.  I did think I was innocent because I thought it was weird how my ex had me sign those returns.  After he filed for innocent spouse relief the threatening IRS letters stopped.  Everytime I called his office someone was able to give me an update on my case so it seems like the office is very organized.  The innocent spouse relief was given to me so Mr. Silver won!"

Sara D.

"Settled My IRS and State Tax Debt Once and for All Tax Attorney Silver completed a Federal and State Investigation and financial review to understand what my options were.  He contacted the State of Michigan and IRS to tell them I was being represented by a Tax Attorney.  He walked me through the process and let me know my options.  I was able to file new tax returns because I never filed tax returns before.  The IRS and State filed them for me and the balance seemed crazy large.  Filing those new tax returns plus Mr. Silver negotiating on my behalf to eliminate the penalties lowered my tax bill down to something I could finally afford to pay off.  Now I am caught up on my taxes and have a plan in place to not let this happen again.  Thank you very much."  

Valerie R.

"IRS Agent Contacted Me. I’m a realtor who was caught up in the economic downturn of 2008.  I could not afford to pay anything to anyone let alone the IRS.  Now, we all know the economic climate for real estate is good and I’m making money.  An IRS Agent contacted me and I freaked out.  It seems they know when you start making money and start going after you.  Was referred to Mr. Silver at the Silver Tax Group who met with me.  The consultation was free and he walked me through the process he takes which was much different than anyone else I spoke with.  I did shop around to see what other attorneys told me.  Those other attorneys wanted a large up front retainer agreement and would not put me into any type of payment plan.  Tax Attorney Silver did put me into a payment plan and said that they do not hold up paperwork while I am on a payment plan.  Long story short – this was a good move and my tax situation is under control.  I never spoke with that IRS Agent again.  Wow that was easy and a good decision to hire him."

Edward C.

"IRS Hardship Granted. I owed about $25,000 to the IRS and they finally caught up to me.  IRS got my attention when I opened a certified IRS letter which said I had about 30 days or they were going to levy my bank accounts and paycheck.  I think the letters said Final Notice of Intent to Levy.  Found Tax Attorney Chad Silver at the Silver Tax Group when I was searching online.  Even though I was working I still qualified for a hardship because my expenses were very high.  The IRS backed off thanks to hiring a very tough Tax Defense Attorney team led by Attorney Silver.  I think you want to hire a team of Tax Attorneys if possible.  Called to a few different places and found that these folks treated me with the most respect and seemed to know the most out of those other firms.  I noticed that at least 3 attorneys were named to my case which was a very confident feeling.  Hire them."

Susan R

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