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One of the most common traps for clients seeking criminal defense representation are “law mills.” As the name suggests, these are firms that retain clients aggressively, but do not work the cases with that same aggression. This is truly an epidemic in busy judicial counties, where firms will retain clients, only to hire “appearances lawyers” to do all the work. In severe cases, some firms will retain clients only to delegate the ENTIRE CASE to some unknown attorney!

Here at SDCA, we reject this unethical practice known as the “law mill.” Instead, we invested significant time and energy to put together a team of trustworthy attorneys to handle our caseload. We handle all of our cases personally and internally!!! 

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  • Criminal Law
  • Appeals
  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Driving Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Expungement
  • Fraud
  • Juvenile
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft

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Attorney Profile

Attorney David Ruyle

Mr. Ruyle was lead to the area of criminal defense when he was working in his other areas of practice which were Estate Planning, Business Planning and Bankruptcy. The families often had family members that got into trouble and needed a familiar face to help them out.

Other than practicing law his other passion is working with students advance in their intended careers as a lawyer or in within the criminal justice field. After becoming an attorney he began working with law students in preparation for the California Bar Exam. Each student must memorize more than a dozen subjects and apply that law in a 2 day written exam. He is the founder of BarPerfect that helps students apply a analytical writing methodology.. He has also worked as a professor in the criminal justice departments for Westwood College and the University of Phoenix were he conducts his classrooms with real world applicability.

He is often asked why he would want to become a police officer after being an attorney. His common answer is he wanted to understand the dynamics of a law enforcement institution and their limitations as well as what a patrol officer experienced on a daily basis. In the end he believed that officers are people too that have feelings and makes mistakes. The officer’s that he worked with all had good intentions and really cared about the community they served.

When not working he has an appreciation for the dynamic topography of San Diego County from the ocean to the mountains. He often enjoys camping with his family and friends. He has found that there is no greater sense of community when people pack up their families for a weekend, turn off the devices and have more personal time.

His volunteer work has been recently more focused as a Master Mason and active member of Unity Lodge #632 in Normal Heights.

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