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Companies have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe and reliable. When company profits are prioritized over product safety, innocent Americans get hurt or lose their lives. All too frequently, it is only the threat of major litigation and jeopardizing the company's reputation that motivates a company to recall dangerous and defective products.

The Onder Law Firm specializes in representing individuals and families against large corporations. Our attorneys win meaningful compensation for our clients, and help exert pressure over major corporations to recall dangerous products and increase consumer safety. Our firm has represented clients in the aftermath of major product recalls, and is nationally renowned for its steadfast work on window blind cord litigation and hazard elimination.

Our attorneys use 3D digital technology to recreate an accident or injury caused by a dangerous product and work with a team of medical and safety experts to best prepare each case from every possible angle. If you or a family member has been harmed by a dangerous medical device or consumer product, we are here to help you through this trying time. You may face costly medical bills, debt, or the incalculable costs of long term medical care. You deserve fair compensation for your suffering and loss.

Contact us today if you need legal assistance with any of the following:

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer has been linked to use of popular talcum powder-based products, such as Johnson's Baby Powder™ and Shower to Shower Body Powder™, adult women under 40. As little as 4 years of regular use of use of talcum powder for perineal dusting can substantially increase the risk of ovarian cancer in adult women. Read more about talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits.

IVC Filters
Bard's inferior vena cava filters have been found to break, dislodge, and otherwise fail, causing serious injuries to the heart and lungs and resulting in significant health problems. Bard learned of IVC filter side effects in 2002 yet the public was not warned of the dangers until 2010 when the FDA issued its first warning on the matter. Bard profited for years while innocent Americans were harmed by this dangerous medical device. Read more about retrievable IVC filter lawsuits.

Roundup Weed Killer Cancer
Roundup is a weed killer manufactured by Monsanto that has been labeled a "probably human carcinogen" by the World Health Organization, leading to Roundup being banned in a number of countries. Persons who have been diagnosed with cancer and lymphoma may be eligible to file a claim against the company. Lawsuits for Roundup cancer allege that Monsanto was aware of the risks, did not disclose the risks to its consumers and marketed the products as safe, all the while racking up nearly $5 billion in sales. Read more about Roundup cancer lawsuits.

Surgical Mesh for Hernia Repair
Some surgical mesh used for hernia repair has been shown to create severe complications, such as serious infection, organ damage and hernia recurrence, requiring additional surgeries to replace defective mesh and repair any other problems. Lawsuits for hernia mesh allage that the manufacturers marketed the products as safe and did not disclose the risks to consumers. Read more about hernia mesh lawsuits.

GM Ignition Failure
6 million General Motors vehicles have been recalled as a result of a defective ignition switch that causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle. When the ignition switch is bumped or jostled, the vehicle can suddenly lose power, causing a loss of power steering and braking capacities, as well as the dysfunction of life-saving airbags. Read more about GM ignition failure accident lawsuits.

Power Morcellator Surgery
Power morcellators are medical devices used to mince and remove bodily tissues in hysterectomies and similar surgical procedures. These medical devices have been found to spread undetected cancer, causing an advancement and spread of the disease. Patients who were operated upon with power morcellators were not warned of the risk. Read more about power morcellator lawsuits.

Window Blind Cord Strangulation
Many window blinds and window coverings pose a strangulation risk to babies and young children. A series of voluntary standards created by the window blind industry have fallen short of keeping children safe, and babies continue to die of window blind cord strangulation each year. The Onder Law Firm is a leading voice in the call for true regulation to eliminate the threat of dangerous window blinds. Having represented fifty families in window blind cord lawsuits, our firm is the leading attorney group working on this particular type of product liability litigation. Read more about window blind cord strangulation lawsuits.

At Onder Law, we do things differently. We want to earn your trust before asking to be your attorney. We pledge that we will listen with compassion, try our best to understand your horrific situation, and fight for you just as if you were a member of our own family. We take our job seriously, not only as lawyers and advocates, but understand our role as counselor and friend. When you place your trust in us, we want you to feel confident that you have made the right choice, so the burden of worrying about your case can be lifted from your shoulders, and placed upon ours. As lawyers, counselors and friends, we pledge to not disappoint.

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Attorney Profile

Attorney James G. Onder

Jim Onder is the senior member and founder of the law firm of Onder, Shelton, O'Leary & Peterson, LLC. Since founding the firm in August of 2002, Jim has distinguished himself and compiled an impressive record of success, working with his partners to collect over 3.5 billion dollars on behalf of those he's represented.

A 1985 graduate of Washington University School of Business Administration, Jim received his degree in accounting. A member of the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society and a recipient of the McWilliams Writing Award, Jim puts his business education and experience to work for those he represents.

Jim completed his education at St. Louis University School of Law in 1988 where he graduated with honors. He is member of the Order of the Woolsack, awarded to the top ten percent of the law school class. While at St. Louis University, Jim was on both St. Louis University's Law Journal and Public Law Review.

Jim travels throughout the country, handling primarily catastrophic injury and death claims involving automobile and trucking collisions, railroad crossing accidents and products liability claims involving fork lift injuries and death, rollovers, tire separations and explosions, tractor trailer under ride protection, crane accidents, auto products liability claims involving gas tank explosions and seat belt enhanced injury claims. Serious injuries and deaths caused by violations of the Overhead Power Line Safety Act are also an area of particular skill.

Jim is widely recognized as the national advocate and authority on mini-blind and window covering safety. While licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois, firms throughout the country seek out Jim's particular expertise in the field of product liability. Jim has handled cases in both federal and state courts, including courts in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, California, Iowa, Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina, Utah, Maine, Texas, and Wisconsin. Jim has also lent his expertise to attorneys and families in the states of Alaska, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington. Throughout this time, Jim has developed a national reputation in the field of products liability.

Jim comes from a medical family with four physician family members. His close friends and relatives practice in the fields of orthopedics, neurology, radiology, anesthesia, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, immunology, pulmunology, orolarynology and internal medicine. Jim utilizes these resources daily in representing his clients on claims involving catastrophic injury and medical malpractice.

Regularly representing members of the Iron Workers and Steel Workers Unions, Jim's medical background and expertise in the field of workers' compensation regularly produces excellent results for his clients.

Jim is on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and is involved in voluminous political and community activities.

Verdicts & Settlements

$110,000,000.00 Products Liability
The largest of The Onder Law Firm's verdicts against Johnson & Johnson for lawsuits alleging the company's talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer when used for feminine hygience. $72,000,000.00 Products Liability Talc in Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Body Powder was found to have contributed to the ovarian cancer in the plaintiff after years of use for feminine hygiene. Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $10 million in compensatory

The third St. Louis lawsuit relating to Johnson's Baby Powder leading to ovarian cancer resulting in an overwhelming verdict for the plaintiff after representation by James Onder. This talcum powder ovarian cancer verdict was delivered on October 27, 2016 and sets a clear pattern for juries finding against Johnson & Johnson when it comes to their talcum powder products and the linkage between ovarian cancer.

$55,000,000.00 Products Liability
Second lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Body Powder and ovarian cancer in the plaintiff after years of use for feminine hygiene. Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $5 million in compensatory damages and an additional $50 million in punitive damages. The verdict was announced May 2, 2016 after the trial in St. Louis Circuit Court. 

$50,000,000.00 False Advertising / Breach of Contract Class Action
An internet vendor sold gift cards representing one price, but when the gift card purchaser attempted to make the internet purchase, the price was different. Additional details are confidential and cannot be disclosed at this time.

Window Covering Litigation
A child dies every two weeks of strangulation on blind cords. The Onder Law Firm handles these cases across the county. In fact, the law firm has handled and/or consulted on cases in more than 30 states.The firm has handled claims against the following manufacturers and retailers.

Manufacturers: All Strong Industries, Bali, Beautiful Windows, Century Blinds, Ching Feng Blinds Industries, Custom Craft, Graber, H.T. Window Fashions, Hunter Douglas, Jencraft, Jumbo Surplus, Kirsch, Levelor, Lewis Hyman, Nien Far Inc. Co., Lotus & Windoware, Inc., Main Fine, Marietta Drapery & Window Coverings, Newell Rubbermaid, Nanik, Nien Made Enterprises, Richfield Window Coverings, Richview Window Coverings, Riviera, Springs Window Fashions, Verticals Unlimited, Whole Space, Wilmar

Retailers: 3 Day Blinds, Ace Hardware, Big Lots, Family Dollar, Handy Andy, Home Depot, IKEA, J.C.Penney, JustBlinds.com Distributors, K-Mart, Lowes, May Department Stores, Meijer, Menards, Montgomery Wards, Pier 1, Sears, Shop Ko, Super Dollar, Target, Wal-Mart

$22,500,000.00 Automobile Collision
A mother and her newborn son were involved in a serious automobile collision both of them suffered catastrophic injuries resulting from an automobile collision and subsequent medical malpractice. Utilizing 3-D computer generated accident reconstruction and medical life care plans, the firm was able to maximize the family's recovery. This is the largest reported personal injury settlement in St. Louis County history.

$20,800,000.00 False Advertising Class Action
Missouri Domino's pizza franchisees advertised that they offered "free delivery" while at the same time charging higher prices for pizzas that were delivered. As a result of litigation, Domino's Pizza and its franchisees are now prohibited from this improper advertising practice.

$18,000,000.00 Electrical Power Line Contact/ Crane Design Defect
A union laborer sustained a serious electrical injury when a crane came into contact with a high voltage power line, resulting in triple amputation. The firm utilized its resources to create a 3-D computer generated animation to re-enact the accident.

$9,000,000.00 Construction Jobsite Fall
A union construction worker fell 40 feet through a hole which had been cut into the roof decking. The hole was cut a subcontractor on the job that failed to properly cover the hole pursuant to OSHA requirements, Industry standards and in violation of the subcontractor's own policies. As a result of this fall, the worker injured his back and sustained a traumatic closed head injury, rendering him permanently and totally disabled.

The jury returned a unanimous verdict or $9,000,000. $6.5 million for worker and $2.5 million for his wife. This is the largest injury verdict in the history of Jefferson County, Missouri.

$8,300,000.00 Roadway Design
A 9 year old while riding her bicycle sustained catastrophic brain injury when she fell from her bicycle while riding down a step hill in her neighborhood. Road that was improperly designed and constructed with both vertical slopes and cross slopes that exceeded Industry and County standards. The roadway caused the girl's bicycle to swerve off the roadway, striking her head on a wood post, rendering her permanently and totally disabled. This is largest reported injury settlement in the history of St. Charles County, Missouri.

$6,000,000.00 Trucking Accident
A 48 year old woman was partially paralyzed when her vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer. A tractor trailer ran a red light, struck another vehicle, and then jackknifed into the woman's vehicle, causing partial paralysis of her right arm and right leg, blurred version, cognitive deficits, and a broken arm, leaving her unable to work in her chosen profession as a nurse. This was the largest reported injury settlement in the history of Perry County, Missouri.


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