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Injured in a Vehicle or Maritime Accident? Call an Experienced Law Firm!

The moments, minutes and even months after a car or truck accident can be uncertain times for an injured person and his or her family. There is financial loss, property damage to vehicles and insurance issues. In the most tragic of circumstances, when there has been a fatality, there is an entire grieving process the family must endure.

Are you an offshore employee who was injured while working on a rig, platform, tug boat, offshore drilling rig or other type of maritime vessel? Rather than seeking compensation for your losses through Texas' workers' compensation system, you can seek "maintenance and cure" through the Jones Act. Jones Act claims are technical and complex. The law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., meets these complexities head-on, fighting for the money you deserve.

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Attorney Profile

Attorney Manuel Gonzales

  • Texas, 2001
  • Mississippi, 2003
  • U.S. District Court Northern District of Mississippi
  • U.S. District Court Northern District of Mississippi
  • U.S. District Court Eastern District of Texas
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas


  • University of Cincinnati College of Law, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • J.D. - 2001
  • University of Houston, Houston, Texas
    • B.A. - 1998
    • Major: Political Science

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Texas Bar Association, Member
  • Texas Lawyers Association, Member

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Spanish


Case Results

DISPUTED INJURY ON THE JOB - Injured worker (IW) sustained two on the job injuries in a three-week period. The insurance carrier (IC) denied both claims. The IW had attempted to handle the claim herself and met fierce resistance from the IC. After hiring our firm, within 3 months, IW went to a contested case hearing and administrative law judge found for IW. The hearing officer found specifically, Claimant sustained a compensable injury on both dates of injury claimed. Claimant had disability resulting from the compensable injury of date of injury, day after injury to through the date of the hearing. As a result of this decision IW will received all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the work-related injury recommended by her treating doctor. IW will also receive temporary income benefits (wage replacement) from the day after the injury to present. 

UNDERPAYMENT OF INCOME BENEFITS – IW worked two jobs prior to on the job injury. As a result of the job injury IW was unable to work both jobs due to physical limitations from injury. IC refused to include the wages from both employers as required by law. After hiring our firm IW’s wages were increased to include the wages from both jobs and received back pay for the underpayment of income benefits. This resulted in more money weekly to IW. 

MMI/IR DISPUTE – Prior to our officer representation, IW was placed at MMI in May of 2015 and given a 0% impairment rating. As a result of this certification IW as not receiving income benefits nor medical treatment. After hiring this firm, we were able to show the designated doctor was not qualified to examine IW due to IW’s type of injury. A new designated doctor was appointment and IW was placed not at MMI. IW’s weekly income benefits began again and he was give back pay for the time period he was not paid. As of January 2017 IW is still receiving income benefits.

EXTENT OF INJURY MMI DISPUTE – IC disputed the severity of the IW’s on the job injury. The IC had a doctor chosen on their behalf find the injury was a minor injury and IW was at MMI. The IC chosen doctor testified on the IC behalf at the CCH. After a contested case hearing the hearing officer found: The compensable injury does extend to and include left carpal tunnel syndrome, left radial neuritis and left ulnar nerve injury; Claimant has not reached maximum medical improvement; and the issue of impairment rating cannot be determined at this time, since the date of maximum medical improvement has not been determined. This resulted in IW receiving additional lost wage income benefits and receiving all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the above injuries.

DISPUTED INJURY ON THE JOB – IW injured his back changing a tire. IC contended the IW did not injure himself of the job but had pre-existed condition despite the IW being able to perform his job without any problems prior to the date of injury. After a Contested Case Hearing, the hearing officer found IW did injure his back on the job. As a result, the IW is now able to seek treatment for his lower back injury.

DEATH CLAIM - Injured worker was found deceased in his kitchen overseas. Insurance carrier denied the claim. After a CCH, it was found employee was in the course and scope of employment. As a result of this decision, employee' family received 78 weeks of back pay in lump sum along with interest based on the employee's average weekly wage. The children of the employee will receive income benefits to the age of 18 and longer if registered as full time student in an accredited institution. The spouse will receive income benefits until she remarries.


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